Someone at the Anniversary Event this past weekend said they already had over 20,000 miles on their smartie! Anyone have more than 20,000? Please share here to see who has the most miles!

Also - I just posted a poll on mileage - please be sure to vote!

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I am currently at 28,000 on my 2008 passion and going strong.
I have 4900 miles on my Feb 5 2009 purchase. Fuel mileage is going up since I took delivery now at about 42 mpg highway. When I change my oil I plan to go to the lower friction 5w30 mobile one and see if it improves mileage.
i got my car more then 1 year now and i have passed 22222 miles maybe 2 weeks ago. i dont know the exact number now i just noticed the 22222 because it was neat LOL but since i got the smart i think i only put 10 miles on my truck! anyone want to buy a 06 F350 powerstroke? ha ha. kel
One year to the date we put 16160 miles on our Smart. 4200 on our Cadillac(Trip to Bar Harbor with our Granddaughter) and 400 on our Pick up truck. Averaging 41 MPG with a high of 48 and a low of 36.
20320 miles just had my checkup all went well
I have 32200 miles on my smart. I need new tires now.
i have 88,000 on mine! I have had it 4 years though (imported it over) and it is still going strong!

Is amazing to see how many of you already passed the 20K mark. Can you guys tell us how your motors are holding up to the wear and tear? My husband has been concerned about that since I am racking up miles on mine (4k in 2 months). I showed him that smarts is Europe and Canada have more than 100k on them but he wants to know how the new Mitsubishi motor holds up. Any comments will be appreciated.
I may have the fewest (at least when time since purchase is factored in). I'm at 2,094 miles and Max will be 6 months old next week - so, 349 miles per month. It's my commuter car; about a 20-mile round trip to work on the days hubby and I have different schedules (otherwise we're both in his Accord as he's a lousy passenger and he's not allowed to drive Max), and about the same distance for the two days a week I visit my parents. I still love my Smart, and it's good to hear y'all are still happy past the 20K mark.
I have 31,000+ miles on mine.
Almost 27,000 miles on one of mine.
I purchased my Smart Car in March 2008 and I've got 21,368 miles on it as of today. I had my 20,000 mile service done Saturday morning while I was at the event in Lynnfield a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately the Smart USA computer was down and they couldn't do my 2.0 conversion. I went back a few days later and they completed that piece and I'm happy to say that I'm now getting 47 miles to a gallon! For those of you getting close to the 20,000 mile mark, the service runs just about $400.00 and takes just about 1/2 a day.

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