My Smart is Beeping after I Turn It Off
About 1 out of every 10 times, when I turn off the car starts beeping similar to when the seat belt is not fastened. I can stop it by turning the key on and then off again. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do you know what the cause may be?

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I've had this same thing happen to me twice. The first happened when I was parked on a hill so I thought I had to put the emergency brake on or something, but that wasn't the case. The second time I was just parked in a parking lot. I have no idea why it does it either. I just hope it isn't anything too serious.
Mine does that too. Seems about the right number, although maybe it's 1 time in 20. If it beeps when I shut it off, I just turn the key back on to ON and then off and it shuts up as well.
I am always looking around to see if maybe I did something 'different,' like undid my seatbelt too fast or forgot to turn off the lights. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. The only other interesting observation is that it only seems to do it when I'm parking at home---not when I'm wherever I'm going. So I am hypothesizing that there is something I do when I'm back home that I do differently.
Or it could just be possessed with the spirit of Lee Iacocca. Hard to say.

Mine does the same thing and I don't have a clue as to why, but the frequency is about the same as you guys have reported.
Has anyone contacted their dealer yet?
Mine does this sometime too--interesting...About the same frequency, and no obvious reason. I've been meaning to get the manual out to see if there was anything in there about it, but haven't gotten around to it. It stops after I turn the key on & off again.
Mine did this a couple times as well and it was because my passenger door wasn't closed or the hatch window wasn't latched. Check those and the beeping should stop.
Why would it beep when you turn the engine off if the door wasn't closed all the way? It does that when you turn it on, but I don't think that would be the cause of the beeping when the engine is turned off. Could be right though, but it doesn't seem like it to me though. That wouldn't make the smart car very smart if it waits till the end to tell you your door isn't closed all the way :P
Me too, no idea why - nothing that I can see. I've never turned the key again, I just get out, hit the lock button and it stops????????????
It sounds like the ignition lock is not copletely turning off when you switch the ignition off. You may want to try some WD40 in your lock to lubricate it, that should fix it. Let me know how it turns out.
Mine used to do this, too, until I read about it on another site. Just like the car delays a second or two to "boot up" when you put the key in and turn it on, it needs a similar delay to "boot down" when you turn it off. If you turn off the car and remove the key in a single motion, you'll likely get the beeps because it hasn't finished the shut-down procedure. I wait a second before removing the key and have not experienced the beeping since.
Mine has done that a couple of times, so thanks for the "hint" as to what it might be! I will take the time to turn it off, wait... then remove the key.... and see if that helps.
I've had this happen twice - the first time I thoght I forgot something - Wasn't fully in park, e-brake was on or off, or something - I had no idea. I turned the key back on / off and it went away. The second time, I just did the same and chalked it up to an occassional computer glitch.

I have gotten beeping sounds from turning the engine off in neutral. Now I make sure I'm in "park" before shutting down. Also a door ajar while its in gear, activates an alarm. Hope this helps.

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