I just got the 2.0 check up at my smart dealer. They put in a new trans chip and a new battery. (free). The chip made the car shift much easier and it seemed to have more pep on the freeway ride home. Has anyone else had this service done and fwhat were the results?

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Yes, I just had it done and the car shifts much better. I like the ability to put it in manual mode with left paddle. Pretty cool what they can do when everything is computerized.
We had our upgrade last week and I agree it seems to shift better and smoother. Drove 259 miles round trip to the dealer and back home on 6.05 gallons. We had a 20-30 mph head wind going to the dealer and ran the AC all the way home. Best mileage ever running into a head wind and using the AC.
I just had my 2.0 update. I did not have any complaints before the change and I did not notice much of a change afterward. The great part was the change in the paddle shifter. It will now downshift anytime I hit the "-" I often like to downshift going into a corner, and it used to be a big pain to shift the lever to manual. Now it is seamless. Almost worth the 2 hr wait for the car at the dealer. They did install a "better" ergo bigger battery because some customers who were not using their car a lot would come back to a dead battery. ( I am a little bit suspect on that explanation )
I had the software upgrade done today along with a 1 year (aka 10k mile) service. They did the whole thing in 2 hours and off I went. The car seems to be shifting better. Now, this could be the same syndrome that said a new pair of athletic shoes made me run a lot faster when I was six years old. But, I have to say, I am still happy with the car.
John: it seemed to be due to the automatic wipers and headlights. Leaving them turned on even while the car was turned off was still draining the battery ever so slowly. If the person left their car alone for an extended period of time (i.e. maybe 2 days or longer i'm assuming), it would drain enough power that the car couldn't start.
Just had the 2.0 upgrade this weekend. LOVE the shifter-paddle ease of use now!!!! Shifting in "automatic" mode is smoother. Never had problems with the original battery, but I am more than happy to acccept a free battery after a year. Still loving my smartie!!!
Had mine done a couple of months ago & really like it! Seems to do what I want a little more now.....rather than what IT wanted before! BTW......EITHER paddle will put it in manual mode, for those that didn't know. It will typically drop down a gear if you hit the left paddle, but if you hit the right paddle, it'll (typically) just go into manual mode in whatever gear you're currently in! :>)
Does anyone know how to get it back into automatic mode using the paddles?
Fred said:
Does anyone know how to get it back into automatic mode using the paddles?
Jusat hold the + paddle a couple of seconds and it will go back to auto
I have to go in for my 10,000 mile oil change soon. Are the 2.0 chip and battery free?
Neco said:
I have to go in for my 10,000 mile oil change soon. Are the 2.0 chip and battery free?
my dealer did not charge for those improvements but I had the full 10k maintenance so I still paid $$
Yes, the 2.0 upgrade is free. The battery is part of another upgrade. If this upgrade is listed for your smart, then it also is free. The whole upgrade only took about two hours. Isn't it nice to have a car company that fixes problems instead of trying to ignore them.

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