Has anyone else noticed that the exterior of the smart seems to have more imperfections than most other new cars? I have had my car a relatively short time and am bothered by scratches in the clearcoat, marks and other cosmetic issues that have me wondering what the car will end up looking like after it gets some mileage under its belt. It is also disappointing that the parts dept. doesn't offer any appearance care products for the car. My car is rally red with silver tridion.

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Just out of curiosity.... what color is your car? is it one of the solid colors, or a metallic color? You have to remember that the body panels are indeed plastic, and in that regard are also more than likely injection molded..... and after having worked at a plant that did injection molded plastics.... i can say for a fact that there can be quite a few variables that can cause imperfections in such plastics.

Honestly.... if you're that concerned about it.... if your smart center is pretty close by, stop in and show them the problem spots. For all you know they might be able to get you new panels if they seem to be defective from the factory..... or maybe they'd at least be able to provide some input into the situation.
My smart is silver and black. The silver is the original color and the lack rear panels are added. The silver, which is painted, is flawlees. The black is very good but not perfect. Overall the black is superior to my Yaris which is painted. The robots in Japan are more fond of "orangepeel" than the injection molding machines in France.
I have no problems with imperfections on my 09 BLACK Brabus. Smart did a good job on my car. Only thing that bugs me is those plastic body panels seem to attract dust. The metal tridon stays "dust free" (if there is such a thing with a black car) but the plastic is always dusty. I been thinking about trying to wipe down my Smartie with one of those anti-static clothes dryer cloths to see if it will remove some of the "static" the plastic seems to attract. Am I crazy? Has anybody done this? Surely I am not the only one with a "dusty" problem? Do they make an auto polish that would do the same thing?
Ted: i don't think any car company would give a full refund for something such as an imperfection in the body panels. at MOST, they'd probably offer something along the lines of what i mentioned as a possibility..... new body panels on the house. Now.... if it was a severe defect in something like the tridion safety cell, then yeah.... i don't think a refund or replacement car would be out of the question.

Bob: I don't think using an anti-static cloth would help. Let's face it.... it's plastic. It's also still in the colder months, which also tends to be the more static-y time of year due to less moisture in the air. It could start to attract less dust as the days get warmer.... who knows. an anti-static cloth might help for right now, but probably not for an extended period of time.

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