I have a problem tripping the signal light on the way to work.
My little skate of a car needs other cars in the line behind me or I can sit through 2=3 lights before I finally get help or run the red.
Anyone else have a problem with light activations? Any solutions other than running the RED or taking a longer route to work.

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I've read of this problem earlier, and it often happens to motorcycle drivers as well. The way the most of those sensors work is by sensing a change in a magnetic field in the wires laid in a loop under the roadway. It's been reported that placing a strong magnet under the front of the car often will help to trip the light. Theories say that the extra magnet helps upset the field better. . . and ergo, detects that you've arrived.
Can't hurt to give it a try. Search eBay for motorcycle magnet. Or check this listing:
Hey thanks I will invest in some sort of magnet. Sally

Sally- The other solution is to stop farther forward or farther back. Get the rear wheels over the sensor ring in the roadway-here in Calif it's a triangle shaped cut on the road about 2 ft in diameter.
Have been using a strong magnet attached to the front of the belly pan for about 9 months now.I still have several known traffic lights that require the assistance of another car behind me to trip the lights. Have tried stopping further up and further back as well as off to one side or another. The light simply does not respond to my smart. Does the magnet help with other lights and I don't notice it's effect because the light changes normally? Possibly/probably. In any case, it's a relatively inexpensive and unobtrusive fix to try. You can get more information about the one I am using here:

I got the same problem in Redwood City. Cant take left turns on some cross sections.

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