I picked up my orphan 1 month ago yesterday. I bought it to drive back and forth to work daily. I drive about 80 miles round trip to work. I work 8 days in a row and then I am off 4 days. Tomorrow I will roll 2000 miles on my red cabrio on the way home. I will have had the car 1 month and 2 days. So far I have had no problems or unusual sounds. I check my milage with each fill up and usually get about 40 mpg. The least I have done is 37 mpg and the best has been 41. I had a 1998 Crown Victoria that I drove before my smart. I usually drove it about 60 to 65 mph to and from work. I find I have to watch driving my Smart or I am driving 70 or over. The car really goes and I really like it. It is a great car and I really look foreward to many more miles. I also received my e-mail about the metallic blue cabrio that I ordered. It will be in at the Fort Worth Smart center in the next ninety days. If someone is looking for one check with them. I hope to help find it a good home. It is supposed to be a metallic blue convertible with red and black interior and fog lights. If you call them ask for Lauren.
My red cabrio is called "Little Red Riding Could"

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Well it has been 6-1/2 months since I bought my Smart. It was parked for about 2 weeks while I was on vacation. I have 11,000 miles on my Smart now. I have added a K&N air filter a scan gauge and just changed the oil myself. I am averaging almost 1850 miles per month and getting a average of 43 miles per gallon. So far I have had no codes or any problems with the car. The only thing I do not like so far is when I open the top and hen close it I get dirt from somewhere on the headliner across he front leaving a stain on the white headliner. The other thing I have noticed is my speedometer seems to register a couple of miles per hour slow. My scan gauge reads 52 mph when my speedometer shows 55. Oh well. Great car that gets me there and back daily.
michael lackey,...
Smarts all do that~stain white headliner~slow speedometer
My car is 2 mph slower that my GPS. I am going to see if they can fix this.
I've noticed I'm about two miles per hour slower on those "Your Current Speed Is..." signs that they post in construction zones compared to my speedometer. That doesn't really bother me, though. I drive like an old granny anyway.
I've averaged almost 2,000 miles per month over the past year. I did 2,000 miles in a week on one road trip and some commuting. That was a lot of driving...

I believe all vehicles pretty much have a speedometer a little on the slow side just to cover the manufacturer since there are variations in production. If it were reading a little too slow and your were driving too fast think of the ramifications for speeding tickets, lawsuits, etc. At least every vehicle I've owned has been 2-3 mph slow when compared to GPS. There is some variability in those "Your Speed Is" radar signs, so I don't really trust them to be that accurate. Actually, there is variability in everything, so 2 mph is a good buffer!

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