Has anyone gotten a "speeding ticket" yet? I was stopped on US-95 South by Fla Hwy Patrol radar.... The officer said I was doing 85 in a 70 zone. I told him to write the ticket because my car won't do 85..it must have been another car he was pointing his radar at. After looking over my car.. he let me go..no ticket ..no warning... Love this car

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not got a ticket yet, but recorded this in France !! last year . Home of the smart
Have any of you guys tried that GPS program that alerts you to speed traps. looks interesting. I was thinking of trying out phantom alert. anyone with personal experience in here?

"California Radar and Laser Jammer laws

Radar laser detectors are legal to own and operate in passenger vehicles in the state of California."

Only state that it is ilegal for passanger vehicles is Virginia and the District of Colombia which is not a state.
Zippin Pippin said:
My scangauge II just arrived and it shows that my speedo reads about 1 or 2 mph higher than actual. I certainly wasn't doing 55 as charged. The speed max governer of my cruise control was working aas set for 48 actual 47. I think they were just missing my shiny 94 white caddy. A case of profiling, ya don't mess with old caddy drivers. You just neveer know what you might step in. A little black toy car with shiny wheels, another matter. The policeman asked me my occupattion! I really have to contest the 55 in a 40 zone. I was not doing 55! I will own 48. :) I am feeling better about my car now that I have gotten support from the scangauge. The GPS will be my confirmation.

Brabus007 said:
Zippin,... check your speedo with your GPS... It don't lie....

If a cop stops me and asks my occupation, I will tell him, "Circus clown"....
My speedometer reads 2 mph slower than my GPS, which I have been told is more accurate. Does that mean when I'm doing 70, I'm actually at 68, which should be pretty much fine as long as the speed limit is 65? :)

Zippin Pippin said:
No, No, I did not change these factory supplied as original equipment tires. I have since received my scangauge II which shows my speedo reads one mph slower than actual! So, with the speed max setting of my mdc cruise control set for 48 mph I was actually only doing 47 mph. I was "clocked" at 55mph. which I would never do in this visibly monitored strip which I have traversed at this speed in a 94 Cadillac for 10 years with nary a ticket. My initial reaction was not to question the Police (are they ever wrong?) but to suspect the car! I am now satisfied that the Black Brabus with the Silver Wheels is perfectly fine but fits an entirely different profile. It fits the red or black racy car profile! Not the white old money not to be messed with profile. My scangauge will encourage higher mpg, slower mph driving and the police presence will now force a lower max. speed closer to the actual speed limit. I no longer have the 47 mph goal of getting the torque converter to lock up as with the Cadillac automatic. Now it will be the goal of not getting run over by faster traffic while driving a slower radar friendly speed. I'll let you know how the courrt date turns out Nov. 11th. Hope the officer is busy somewhere else. I WASN:T DOING 55, only 47 with a governer active! Oh, Well! Back in Love with my smart!

Julie said:
Zippin Pippin said:
Okay, I just brought home a Ticket for doing 55 in a forty zone. I have the mdc cruise control and had the speed max setting set on 48 mph. When I saw the police car, I checked and felt okay at 48. They usually leave you alone under 50. I've been driving this route for 10 years and have never been stopped for speeding. New smart, new ticket! Not so smart. This is a Brabus with the 17 in. rear wheels and the very low profile tires. I am questioning the speed calibration of the speedometer now. AND the closest smart dealer is 200 miles away. There is a Mercedes Dealer down the street, though they don't work on smarts unless you own a Mercedes. At the moment, I am not so happy. I still love my BB BENZ, though I am perturbed just the same. Rich

You are perturbed at smart? You changed the tires.
Just got pulled over yesterday by FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) on my way home. I got pulled over heading south bound on the Turnpike between Killian dr and 120th street in Miami. I was doing 76 in a 60 zone. The trooper didn't get me with radar but pulled me over after driving behind me and matching my speed for a few seconds. I wouldn't of flown past her so fast but her trooper car was obscured by an SUV and I didn't see her until she pulled behind me. She was polite and professional and let me off with a warning :) . At least one nice thing happened to me that day. She said she didn't think these little things could go that fast. I neglected to say just how fast they can go. If i would of known I was going to get off with just a warning I would of been more fourth coming.
Germany is the home of smart

David Ward said:
not got a ticket yet, but recorded this in France !! last year . Home of the smart
true, tho corporate HQ is in Böblingen Germany
i had had my baby for a couple of months and knew the speedometer went to 100mph, but when it actually registered with me i just cracked up. i have to be careful because i'll be going 70 in a 45 or 55 zone before i know it. a man asked me saturday how fast it would go and was very surprised at my answer.
Not in California....I think there is in NBC news that the highway patrol chase the Smart car.. Ithink this vedeo you will get ticket

Crazy!!!! the video is a night shot but the conversation from the helicopter pilot is typical, until they try figure out the kind of car at the end; during the taping the pilot stated he owned a smart, too!

If you ever wanted to know what a smart looks like at night on freeway doing 90mph from above, then take a peek.

Gilbert said:
Not in California....I think there is in NBC news that the highway patrol chase the Smart car.. Ithink this vedeo you will get ticket

crazy. people just don't have any idea what the car is capable of.


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