Has anyone gotten a "speeding ticket" yet? I was stopped on US-95 South by Fla Hwy Patrol radar.... The officer said I was doing 85 in a 70 zone. I told him to write the ticket because my car won't do 85..it must have been another car he was pointing his radar at. After looking over my car.. he let me go..no ticket ..no warning... Love this car

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Yep, just ask any Corvette driver - the myth of a plastic bodied car having stealth properties is just that - a myth. As for a laser gun, it certainly "sees" the plastic panels with no problems.
One of the first times I was playing with my paddle shifters, a county sheriff pulled next to me at the next light, motioned me to roll down my window, and asked "Are you in a hurry, ma'am ?" So I thought I had been caught...but, when I said "no"--he said "Would you mind pulling over into the next parking lot? I've never seen one of those cars..."

Whew! And, I was not in a hurry, so I was happy to oblige. One of the first things he asked is..."can this thing go on the highway?" and, you know all the other questions from there. A year later now, I am still getting questions, smiles, and thumbs up.
This is entirely correct. It is not illegal to have a radar detector in CA just illegal to have a radar jammer. There are only a could of states plus Washington DC where detectors are illegal. In CA, Peace Officer, CHP, give tickets based upon visual observations and use radar to prove it. CHP and other peace officers can't give yopu a ticket if they have not visually observed you. They can't give you a ticket on radar alone. I was a peace officer for 30 years in CA.

jwight said:
Crud said:
Reply by Dariusz on June 3, 2009 at 4:19pm

Unfortunately cant have them here in California. It wouldn't help anyway because you can get a ticket on a visual assessment of the speed - no radar needed. And quess what? Smart doing 65 just looks like it is going 75 because it is so short and bouncy.
So you get a $1000 dollar ticket here for going 10 miles over 65 because the car just looks like going faster than it is.

Umm...Not entirely correct.

Check the CA DMV/Criminal codes.
Only Commercial drivers are banned from using radar detectors (and I think thats a Federal reg).
Radar/Laser Jammers are illegal here in CA.

They are certainly legal in CA; I think the real world issue may be the California prohibition against mounting anything on the windshield which would be a problem. Still, they can be dash mounted or mounted on the sun visors and still be legal.
I stand corrected. :)
Most of the cops that have pulled me over just wanted to see the car!!! The car will do 85; You just don't want to hit a bump.
I LOVE my Car !!!
You are so funny! We all know darned well the smart can do 85. . .
I got popped by a Highway Patrol Officer when I was doing 85 in a 50. He walked up to my Smart all ominous, leaned in and said "This little car will haul a**!" He asked me a few questions about the car, told me to slow down and let me go. A few weeks later, I saw him at a gas station and he told me he only pulled me over so he could take a look at my Smart. :-)
I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. lol zoom zoom
I have yet to be pulled over by a cop.... in the nearly 7 years i've been driving. not in my Smart, not in my Durango or Jeep.... not even in my parent's '01 Trans-Am.... and i used to move quite a bit in that thing. still not really any faster than MAYBE 70 in a 55.... but that's still movin if you ask me.

Doesn't mean i'm not waiting for it though, ESPECIALLY in my Smart.

Stopped at a gas station earlier.... and there were a bunch of bikers outside. As i came out of the station, was walking up to my car, and one biker next to it looks at me and says "Now, i know this isn't safe *points at motorcycle*, but that can't be much safer". Enlightened him a little... showed him the one info card with the picture of the frame. Overall he liked the car. :)
Glad he let you get away with that, my car does 80 all the time, will try your answer if I ever need it.
At a stop light a peace officer pulls up beside me, rolls down his passenger side window and I roll down my driver's side window. He States--"hey sir I notice your radar detector on the dash--does that car even go 55? We both laugh as I drive off when the light turns green-- he was obviously clueless.
I got photo'd by Montgomery County MD revenew generator for doing 43 in a 30 zone (six lane divided highway main road, speed limit set artifically low to add to the county's bottom line.)
Fine is $40, but no points or record if paid by end of Sept?

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