2 seats ---------------2 seats
plastic body ---------plastic body
quick steering ------quick steering
red interior -----------red interior
transparent roof -----transparent roof
low depreciation -----low depreciation
gets attention ---------gets attention
high style --------------high style
firm suspension----- firm suspension
2 sizes of wheel -----2 sizes of wheel
premium fuel ---------premium fuel
high price -------------low price
low mpg ---------------high mpg

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The true "poor man's" Corvette was probably the Opel GT. However, you make an interesting argument.
My 2004 Corvette Z06 will deliver 30mpg on the highway all day long. I know it is not considered an economy car, but it can be very thrifty to drive. I am still waiting on my all black Brabus coupe !!!!!
Just to keep the discussion going... your new smart could get 40% better mileage (mine gets 41.9 at 70 mph with the Area 451 Cruise Control). Your 30 mpg is impressive, though.

Comparison is kind of cool.
My Smart earns respect by just doing 90 on the Interstate....However, those speed cam fines would make a Corvette payment...

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