Yea, I'm leaving shortly today to go up to Sarasota, Fl to pick up my new Brabus. It's one week short of a full year (05/05/08) since I placed my order for a Passion. Opted for the Brabus in the fall when contacted by Smart.

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Good morning Ryan just going to clear up two points I like Mr Z06. George(Jack) Z06 not the Vette, sorry you misunderstood. Also yes I stand by my belief in the HILDI reports and what I have professionally seen of post accident injuries. Mind you I only wanted to send that last post to( toes) the dude with the curt attitude. Enjoy your car and just tread cautiously regarding other drivers. My Hubby looks on forums every few days .This will be my firm and last entry.. Regards Mrs.Z06...........

Ryan said:
george's wife: So.... you kinda seem to like that Z06, eh? Seeing as it only weighs a couple hundred pounds more.... i can't see how that's much safer than the Smart. Yes.... it's a couple hundred pounds.... but in what, the engine block? Other than that it's probably the same as my mom's '01 Trans-Am. Fiberglass body, typical steel frame you'd find in a typical car (maybe), massive engine......... and that's about it. Not to mention practically sitting on the ground in some nice bucket seats.... being practically eye level with the majority of other car's bumpers. I can tell you for a fact that after driving my Smart for not even a WEEK..... i got into my mom's jeep because she wanted me to take it down to put gas in it, and the second i sat in the Jeep, i didn't feel right. just didn't feel as great as the Smart. The steering wheel was much closer to me than in the Smart, as well as the dashboard. Seeing as airbags can be relatively dangerous themselves when they pop out at pretty high speeds, last thing i'd want is that bursting out directly against my chest or face. And don't keep talking about "Objects with 2 to 3 times more mass will cause more damage to the object with the lower mass" crap. Like it's already been discussed (And mentioned even in the crash tests of cars), The biggest concern with a car crash has nothing to do with the weight of the car.... but the deceleration that your body experiences, which the internal organs can't withstand. Yes, the Smart is the smallest car sold in the US. Yes, you apparently have it set in your mind that small = insta-death. But what makes you think that you'd be perfectly safe in your 2.5 ton van if you hit a car that even had a weight of say a ton and a half? My mom was hit by a small S-10 pickup somewhat head-on while driving her Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.... but that didn't stop her ankle from basically shattering. Didn't stop my grandmother from getting i believe a fractured arm. And this was back in like 2003 or 2004. She still has trouble walking for long periods of time. I'm more of a believer in the safety features a car has.... not so much just how much it weighs.

As for "Stories of Wonder" the car salesmen tell us..... when? The majority of "stories" i've heard, were either here on SmartUSA Insider, by people of the community, or on, which also has stories from owners. The only mention of ANY accident that my salesman told me about was when i commented how it kinda sucked that my Smart already has a tiny knick in the paint near the front edge of the front fender, and he told me he had two people wreck their Smart's within 24 hours of picking them up, and i think he said they weren't even a week apart from each other.

Even putting accident stories aside..... it's half the length of most cars... or less.... and has a weight that for it's size, is relatively close to those larger cars. Not to mention having a much smaller, much lighter engine than those cars. That's telling me that there's a lot more to it's frame than a few metal bits here and there to hold the body panels in place and to hold up the engine and attach the shocks and springs to. Not to mention the already mentioned bare models of the Tridion Safety Cell.... which is a whole lot of reinforced steel.

I'm seriously saying you should drive it. And i'm almost guaranteeing you'll like it. My friend said "Death trap" the second he saw it. Took him for a half hour drive from Lehighton, PA to Allentown, PA. Shortly after leaving allentown on the way home, he said flat out "I kind of want one of these".

Sorry for the rant.... i just can't see the point in someone saying that a car is 100% not safe just by looking at post accident injury reports. Did those reports also happen to say what said drivers were doing to have gotten said injuries? Were any of those SPECIFICALLY targeted towards Smart's? Yeah, i know pretty wicked stuff can happen in an accident...... and i know even more wicke
This is George. The Smart coupe weighs 1808, I believe. My Z06 weighs 3018 pounds. Just a bit more than 200 pounds more than the Smart. Also, the '81 Trans Am was not fiberglass. It is steel and weighs over 3500 pounds. I will look up the exact weight and post that later today. Have a fine day and let's all enjoy our Smarts in our own way, George.
This is George, again. I could not find the exact shipping weight for a "81 Trans Am, but the shipping weight for a '80 Trans Am is 3545 pounds. I hope this is of some help.
Also, a bit of Trans Am trivia. Did anyone know that Pontiac paid the Sports Car Club of America $5.00 for every Trans Am sold? The SCCA owned the rights to the name Trans Am. It was a racing series and the SCCA thought it better to collect the money than to sue and stop Pontiac from using their copywrighted name.
George: i was talking about an '01 Trans-Am.... as in 2001. it's a LOT of fiberglass.... and also surprisingly has a curb weight of 3,500 lbs.

Also, i said that the Z06 is a couple hundred pounds more, not 200. and yes.... a bit over half a ton heavier is a bit more than "a couple hundred more".... but as i said, a lot of that's probably in the engine block alone.
@ George's wife, I am glad you have a life ... So do I, but why change topics?

As to not wanting to discuss the smart's safety and the relativity of safety as a whole: Please remember that you started the argument (using your husbands user profile no less) on a smart dedicated website. If you didn't want a discussion you should stay away from a site that is (primarily) populated by people who own and love their smart cars. You not only talk about how the smart specifically (in your opinion, as the data you quote does not include the smart as of yet) is unsafe and ugly.

Yes this is America, and you are entitled to your opinion, but insulting and trying to somehow devalue the points I made doesn't prove a thing. I accept your opinion, and I apologize, if you felt I was attacking your eating habits. I wasn't, my point was about risk in life and how it is relative (I can see how as an RN you would be more concerned about certain risks in life than others - my mom always maintained my brother and I should never ride a motorcycle as she always had rehab patients as a physical therapist ...).

Driving a smart however has nothing in common with smoking, (eating habits do to some extent, but smoking is essentially drug use, for intoxication's sake, we have to eat food) ...

I maintain that the smart is a safe (yes it's relative), reasonable, and fun way to get around (by car) when you need to ... and I have been in an accident (got side swiped by another car in downtown traffic. Are there safer cars out there? Sure, and there are many out there who are less safe as well ... You (personally) don't have to buy or even ride in a smart (and I know you never will), but you are also not going to convince me and other people on this site to buy and drive a minivan instead, sorry :-).

Drive smart! toes
toes: dunno why you bothered to type all that out. She doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with his Smart. I mean.... she'll probably love it if she ever got to drive in it, or drive it (My brother and his fiancee both said i was nuts for getting the smart.... that it wouldn't have any get-up-and-go.... but were quickly quieted when they drove in it). It's just an easy to love vehicle.

People who got a Smart got it for i'd say probably 1 of 3 reasons... or a combination of the three:

1) They just loved the way it looks

2) They were looking for something that didn't cost a fortune in both MSRP and gas.

3) They wanted something that was more sensible for them to drive around.

In my case, it was pretty much all three. And i think George's wife should really think deeply about #3. I'm kind of assuming there are no kids involved.... since there has yet to be any mention of kids. If that's the case.... WHY drive a freakin 2.54 ton VAN? I used to be in roughly the same position. I was driving a '99 Dodge Durango. Only really ever drive to work and back. hardly ever go anywhere.... and if i do drive anywhere, it's usually by myself, or maybe with one friend. I'd keep thinking to myself "Why the hell am i paying this much for gas?" It makes no sense.

It just doesn't make sense to call a Smart an "unsafe" car based on some stupid reports that A) don't have Smart crash results, and B) more than likely don't mention anything about how the person was driving to get into the shape they were in. Her van may be two and a half tons.... but it probably has a bit crappier build quality and not as rugged a frame as the Smart.
i'm not saying she's not kind. i'm just trying to kinda put out that old saying "Don't knock it 'til you try it". Just because something says small cars are unsafe, doesn't mean ALL small cars are unsafe. I feel safe in my Smart, but you sure as hell wouldn't catch me driving a Tata Nano.
yeah.... i think i'd have to say that the Smart is a tank compared to that 3-wheeler. Does look like it'd be quite fun though. kinda ironic that she'd drive in that but not the smart.... but i guess.... maybe the HILDI reports don't cover cars that don't have a dealership, so she feels safer? *shrug*
That three-wheeler is sweet and completely defeats your wife's logic about safety concerns, but I bet you drive extra careful in that collectible, too?

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