Received delivery date from smart center, but DDE keeps getting pushed back?

I got a call from my smart center a few weeks ago and they gave me a delivery date of 06/24/09. For the past 7 days, DDE has been moving back 1 day every day since. Started showing 05/25 - 08/28 now its all the way to 06/05 - 09/03. smart center gave me a new delivery date of 07/04/09 a few days ago. Today, DDE has moved back another day. Can anyone please shed some light to this DDE mystery? Thanks!

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DDE is not very reliable at times. Expect your car in about 90 days. You should also be informed when it goes into production and when it gets shipped.
If the dealer called you should be within the 90 day window. When the dealer first called me back in April they said it would be within 90 days and DDE was showing April 10 to July 11. DDE moved around a couple of days on a daily basis. The dealer called me on May 4 and said my Smart was on the dock in Baltimore, DDE still showed July. Dealer called on May 12 and said it had arrived at the dealer and I could pick it up. DDE still shows July. I will be picking it up next week and I really don't expect DDE to change until it disappears after I have my Smart.
I ordered my Smart Brabus coupe on April 6, this year. Never had the $99 reservation or anything. I picked up my car yesterday at my local dealer in Jacksonville. It was not an orphan, but was on the water at the time of order with no one waiting for it. I love it!!!!!!!!!

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