Last November(2008)I received a letter informing me that I had been left a small legacy, enough to buy a car, I like the idea of the Smart Fortwo and decided I was going to get one, in my profile say I bought it on the 19th but I don't pick it up till the 28th, I am single, no wife, no children, no grand children and live on my own, I have had 5 months before the cheque fell through the door to tell people and the comments are interesting...

Mind you don't trip over it.
I wont need laughing gas to laugh at it.
There a bit girly, from a woman who knows a guy who is gay and has a pink one!
You will get squashed in a crash, from a man who only rides a bike!
You wont get a double bass in it.
You cant use it as a taxi(I like that one)
From my younger brother, 'what! your joking', he loves big cars.
From my brothers wife, 'Ahhh' in a positive, sweet way.
From a friend, you'll soon get known round town by your car.
A classic people don't buy a Smart Car.
Does it come with a neck strap, from a fellow photographer.

there are more that I cant remember but it was a conversation piece long before I bought it, I really enjoyed telling people I was getting one and seeing the reaction, most I have to say were positive.

I went into a pub for a meal and parked up was Smart Car, I asked the bar maid who it belonged to as I wanted to hear their opinion of it, she said he was not in he had gone home in a taxi(for obvious reasons!)anyway she told me that the owner was a class 1 truck driver, in the UK that means you can drive articulated waggons and the Smart Car was what he knocked about in, wonderful.

I was doing a gig and in the car park of the pub was a yellow roadster, on the back he had put chrome letters spelling out the word 'TONKA'.

Finally...what a great web site, the best Smart one.


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Barrie- I just tell people that I've had my car for over a year and have already heard every smart-ass (perjoritive) coment possible. Or I tell them that I wait all day for a really pithy comment and thank them for their's. The smart is a load of fun to drive. People love it or hate it. Those who have it love it. Those that don't-well maybe it's some kind of inverse penis envy- So many 6,000 lbs SUV here in America!
I picked up my black Brabus coupe this past Wednesday. Most of my friends thought it was a good idea to buy the car. However, and a BIG however, my wife hates it and says it is unsafe and will never ride in it. Did that stop me, NO WAY!!!. I have always loved tiny cars and have owned many of them. From original Minis to Fiat 600's to Ford Festivas, and currently a JZR English cycle car. I have a total of four cars and my wife drives a Nissan Quest mini van. I have a Corvette Z06, a Model T street rod, the JZR and now the Smart. She even asked my what it would take to get my to not buy a Smart. I told her "Just find me a smaller car sold legally in the states and I will look at it. Buy the car and enjoy it. I feel very safe in my car and hope someday she will agree to take a drive in it. Until then, I will love it myself.
George: your wife is just not into the Smart..... which kinda sucks for her. No car is "safe". it's the features of the car that make it safe, and the Smart has more safety features STOCK than pretty much any other car on the market has as an option. If everyone only went by crash test results, then nobody would buy a Smart after the one IIHS NON-Standard crash test. Then again, even as i believe the IIHS themselves said, their offset head-on collision makes up for only roughly 1% of all car accidents.

I have my Smart.... had it for nearly 4 weeks, and i love it to death.

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