My front wheels are always partially covered with black, even after i have it washed at Wilds on Clark, where i get free car washes. What do you use to clean the wheels?

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Forest said:
Dawn will remove any wax you use.
So if you want to make clean up easy, Wax them, and wash with a basic CAR wash soap using a microfiber towel . To keep them easy to clean hit with Ice detail spray after cleaning and it will be an easy wipe clean next time. No scrubbing.

The shields keep the outsides clean, but the back side of the rim will get really bad and the shields will make it even harder to clean if you car

Cindy said:
My dealership recommended ceramic brake pads when I grumped about the dust. He said lots of small cars had the dust situation. I have been using Dawn dishwashing liquid (if it can get oil off, I figured it could get brake gunk off) and a nylon net scrubbie pad. So far, so good, but I will look into the ceramic pads. The brake dust shields looked interesting (they have them on ebay), but I wasn't too sure about them.... if I can see they are dirty, I can clean them. If stuff snuck in behind the shield and I didn't notice it, might be a problem....

I had Kleenwheels installed in March and they are great! When I don't have time to wash the car myself, the neighborhood car wash gets the wheels clean without paying the extra $4 for 'wheel brite.' I don't care about the dirt inside the wheel, so that's not an issue for me.
Don't waste your money on the Eagle-One Stay Clean products.
Here are the products we recommend that will greatly help with the break dust and keeping the wheels clean:

If we can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to give our shop a call at 562-981-6800.
I got my Smart in Feb 2008, from the first month of ownership I found the problem was not just brake dust, it was pitting in the front wheels. I took it back to the dealer and showed them and they told me all cars do that. I showed him all of the cars in his own parking lot and no non-Smart cars had that problem. To me this is a manufacturers defect and should be replaced. Anyone else have the pitting problem?
Maybe since I got one of the very first ones they might have corrected this in future models....this was happening from the get go. Probably time to start thinking about chrome wheels.

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