I thought that I wounded my car while installing a MDC Cruise Control.

When I was first disconnecting the battery positive terminal, my wrench handle arced on the body, so I thought I blew a fuse. I turned the key back on and had power but didn't think to start the car. I disconnected the negative terminal then the positive and continued with the installation.

After installing everything I reconnected the battery and found no power to the speedometer pod. After speaking with Smart Madness several times and rechecking the connections, I uninstalled the cruise control and put the car back to original.

The speedometer pod had power but the car would not start and there were 3 bars that flashed where the shift indicator is displayed. (see photo)

Has anyone had anything like this happen? I pulled and looked at all the fuses under the dash but none appeared to be blown.

I had given up and was going to push the car aside and when I put the shifter out of park, there was a lot of knocking in the engine comartment. The bars were replaced by the N, and the transmission had reset it self. I put the car in park and turned the key and the car started. It drove fine so I reinstalled the cruise control again. IT WORKED FINE.

I am happy again.

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Hi John, :)

Glad that you got the cruise control up and running again. I too have the unit from Smart Madness and I love it!

Holy Cow, I was starting to panic for you as i read this! What a relieve and a surprise in the end. I am soooo glad for you!
Damn John--you wore me out with that one ! Glad that it worked out for you------
A word to the wise. anytime you're disconnecting any car battery, disconnect the negative side. You don't get sparks like you will when disconnecting the positive side. There have been instances where sparks from the positive side have ignited fumes coming from the battery causing the battery to explode!
It is normal. It usually happens when you disconnect the battery before waiting 30-40 seconds after you take your key out of ignition. You need to wait till all the lights on your dash will go down, before disconnecting the battery. Your car electronics/computer need the time to power down.
It is have nothing to do with MDC CC.

To fix it. Press the brake pedal put the key in the ignition. Turn the key to on, but not start the car. Keep the foot on the brake pedal. Wait 30-40 seconds. You will hear weird mechanical noises. Eventually your dash will show P instead 3 lines.


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