I only had my Smart Car for 2 1/2 months and got hit by a car that ran a red light. Hit me in the front drivers side! Smashed up the front end but I wasn't hurt at all. Was supprised that it didn't sling me around. The seat belt kept me very secure. The front panels didn't shatter like other cars. Just dented them. I felt as safe as in any other car. Thanks Smart .for making a safe car.

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Ouch! Hope your Smart is fixed up and running again soon.
Sorry to hear about your car but it protected you as advertised. You can add your experience on www.safeandsmart.com if you want to.
If you were hit in the driver side door and you came out unhurt, then you were safer than you would have been in most cars. I have personally known 3 people killed in that situation (3 separate accidents).
Could you please share with us what brand and model was the car that hit you so we can get a scope in weight difference?
First - glad you're OK and able to tell us about it.

As others have mentioned, when you feel up to it please share the specifics with us. What make/model was the other car and even perhaps some pictures too?

Hope you get repaired soon.
michael said:
Ouch! Hope your Smart is fixed up and running again soon.
Thanks for all the comments.
I was hit by a 1999 Mazda. I didn't get any pictures of her car but will put on one of my car. I took it to the Smart Center in Indianapolis today and was really supprised at the estimate. The entire front end has to be replaced and the left front fender. The estimate was $1,300.00. I was expecting it to be a lot more. Just waiting for my insurance to settle and get it fixed soon.
I got another estimate here in Columbus and it was $2,500.00. They really didn't know how to estimate it because they had never worked on a Smart before. I think the dealer will do a much better job since they know what they are doing.
Will get the picture on later. Thanks
Geez! So sorry to hear this! BUT SOOO glad you shared it too! I am glad you are safe and unhurt! Thanks again...this is good for new or pending Smart owners (like) me to share with folks as additional feedback to folks questions. My boyfriend will like to know this as well. Best.
How did the repairs turn out?
Glad you're OK.

Can't wait to see the before and after pics! Any idea how fast the other car was going when it slammed into you?
Dan Sopher said:
How did the repairs turn out?

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