Calling all smart wizards!
I didn't pay for the tire coverage the night I picked up my baby and when I changed my mind weeks later was told by a guy at the Lynnfield Dealership it was too late.
So I spoke to a smart owner at the Somerville Dealership when my baby was in (3rd time) for the Check Engine Light that made me even more nervous about not having the coverage! Cost him $$$$$ to get towed and buy a replacement tire.
So help! I'm looking for guidance from other smart drivers....
Can I buy 1 wheel and tire and maybe store it behind the (always empty) passenger seat??? If so which would be best? "155/60 R15" or "175/55R 15" - do I just flip a coin "front" or "back"?
What would happen if I put a "155/60" on the rear or a "175/55" on the front?

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I bought a front/tire wheel assembly and a black tire cover from the local trailer/R/V supply and store it behind the driver's seat. You can find them for sale on ebay or smartcarofamerica. Smartmadness also sells takeoffs.
You can also order a steel wheel from your dealer and a tire from
This is what I do...

Racking system at
Most folks who want a spare tire cobble one together by getting a front wheel/tire (alloy being lighter than steel but probably more $$), finding a jack from eBay, salvage yard, etc..., and a bag to keep it in. Some also buy a hockey puck as a rest to use between the jack and the frame.

Carrying a spare behind the car seems awkward as you'd have to remove the tire every time you want to access the bottom hatch. Unless, of course, it is a system that could swing away from the car.
I bought a tire and alloy wheel in the size for the front, mounted and balanced, for about $180, delivered from The wheel is not the same style as the smart alloy, but it is only a spare and it will fit the car. Get an 18 inch 'breaker bar (~$12) and a deep 15mm socket (~$7) from Pep Boys or Sears, and a one ton bottle jack from Pep Boys ($14). You can get a tire cover (pack of two) from Tire Rack for $19 plus shipping. Since I am 6' and my wife is 5', she gets the spare stored behind the passenger seat. Good luck.
You do not need to have a tire inside

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