I recently got my smart, and am having rather disappointing mileage - closer to 20mpg than the advertised 30mpg for city driving. Is anyone else having this issue, or is there anything I can do to increase my mpg?

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I am certainly hoping that is a mistake. My smart wont arrive for several months, but I am expecting something much closer to 40mpg.

My daily driver now is a Yaris and I'm averaging 36.5 mpg. I get over 20mpg with my 505hp Z06 vette.
Are you driving it in auto or manual?

Are you shifting when the arrow prompts?

Are you engaging heavy throttle?

Did you follow the break-in procedure per manual?

Do you have to drive up a lot of steep grades?

Are you using premium?

All of this will effect economy. Also, if you drive this like a sportscar, you will have a fun drive, but your mileage will suffer.

I'm averaging between 38-42, but I am short-shifting when the arrow prompts.Good luck and happy motoring

I've had mine for about two weeks and have been getting 32-35 in town, but I'm hoping that improves after 6000 or 8000 miles (1000mi currently).

We haven't had anything nearly that low, but our mileage has definitely not been as good as we'd hoped.

Most of our driving is in-city, and our commute is less than six miles per leg. It's ranged from 27.3 to 35.3 over the past 1,200 miles of driving (based on fill-ups ranging from 4.3 to 8.2 gallons).
After approximately 2000 miles driven our combined average MPG is 35. This includes highway and downtown Hartford, I-95 traffic and a 100 Lb Labrador as a passenger.
How long did it take to get your smart? From your reservation day.
Jorgie 1
That sound ridiculously low! I have averaged about 35 in the city. I read in a post on another site that someone's tire pressure was off and once it was straightened out, the mileage improved. I've also found when my tank is on empty and reading that I have 1gal left in reserve, that I was only able to add 7.4 gallons. Altogether I should be able to have almost 10gallons total so I am not sure how accurate the tank reading is! hmmm
It depends entirely upon how you drive it. I've had mine for about 3 weeks, and I've seen low 30's to nearly 60. If you leave it in auto mode and you are stomping on the gas, yes, your mileage will be poor, low 30's, and perhaps lower.

Here is the rule of thumb I'm finding:

Stop & Go + Auto + heavy foot = mid-30's
About Town + manual + casual = low-40's
About Town + manual + mpg conscious driving (shifting at or below 3500rpm) = mid/high 40's
Highway + manual + mpg conscious = mid-50's (top speed to get that is about 63mph)
Around Town + manual + heavy foot = low-30's

And barnstorming through the local twisty roads, which I hate to admit, this car is more than capable of :-), figure high 20's low 30's.
I have 4000 miles. Combination of city/Hway and lot's of A/C use.
Total Average is 39 MPG. Low of 35 and high of 44.
Don't understand your low mileage unless lot's of hills, poor gas or something wrong.
I was told that if I drove it in manual, I'd get better mileage - however, since most of my driving is up and down one of the largest hills in Seattle, I'm really not that upset with my ~25 mpg. It's WAY better than what I was getting in my old Subaru.

As far as mileage goes, my fiance gets pretty close to 50 with his Jetta TDI (he runs it on biodiesel), but he does a lot of flat, freeway driving. I bet if I had a commute like his, I'd get something similar. I have to say that being able to park basically wherever I want to in very dense urban areas is a very, very acceptable trade off. :)
ive got 3500 miles on mine and mostly hwy in eastern nc that means no hills and and 33 feet above sea level. im all over 45 mpg best tank was 48 mpg lowest was 39 mpg witch was the first tank.most of the time i keep her in auto but i do shift into manual mode to get her in the proper gear for road conditions on ramps and alittle showing off for thoes that think she has no get up and go, and she does!running the a/c does drop me down about 2 or 3 mpg thoe.im using shell high test and with .3 showing i get 8.7 gal im her.
Only had one top-off fill up so far, and it clocked in at 37 mpg. Not too bad considering I was hot-footing it from Buffalo to Rochester to get home before dark, had the AC on the entire time and wasn't shy about passing big rigs.

This week I've left the AC off and tried to be a little less of a jack-rabbit on the green light, but Maxwell (really, what else could you call a car named Smart?) just wants to GO! It definitely DOESN'T have a winky little subcompact feeling engine. Doesn't feel like a small car, doesn't run like a small car. You only notice it when you are walking up to it or see it in a parking space.

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