I recently got my smart, and am having rather disappointing mileage - closer to 20mpg than the advertised 30mpg for city driving. Is anyone else having this issue, or is there anything I can do to increase my mpg?

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The first time I filled up after 200 miles, my mpg was 32, which remains by far my lowest figure so far. I averaged 35 mpg for the first 1000 miles.

Since then I've averaged 39.3 mpg with my most recent fillup coming in at 43.9 mpg just after I passed 3000 miles. That was the first time I topped 40 mpg (previous best = 39.9 mpg).

My overall average for 3000+ miles is 37.8 mpg.
It takes as much as 15,000 miles before an engine is fully "broken in"...Despite this and driving like a crazy Stirling Moss, I got better than 32 mpg on in town driving on my first tank of gas...It only gets better from here...I have no complaints.. After break in, I expect 45 mpg on long freeway trips, if I keep the speed down to 62 mph...
I picked up my yellow smart on 29 May, 2008. I didn’t keep a running tab of MPG until 29 June, 2008. From that date until today [10 March, 2009] I’ve tracked 11945.4 miles. I’ve used 275.761 gallons of gas. Current MPG is: 43.31. This is both city and highway miles.
Try releasing your parking brake!
Driven 4,000 miles city driving in Los Angeles, not rush hour, always flowing traffic, some LA highway driving. I average about 21 miles., even when my wife drives.
It's the same mileage I get with my Mercedes 230 Coupe Kompressor. Have been to the dealer already, they claim there is nothing wrong with the car. If they can't fix it I don't want it, as much as I like the car. But the MPG is ridiculous. Hmm.
I've just hit 3,000 miles on my passion and I'm averaging 37 mpg. I live in a small town and don't usually drive more then 10 miles in fairly light traffic. Not the economy I was hoping for but it looks like it should be getting better soon. In the meantime, I had the top down today and I'm lovin' it!! I do drive it in manual and find I'm also driving slower then I did in my Mercury (especially since I got my first speeding ticket in 40 years!). I wonder if the policeman just wanted a closer look? LOL
Here is my summary:
city driving in Los Angeles, never rush hour, always flowing traffic,

May 2008 to February 2009

1,989.5 miles 91.994 gallons average 21.626 miles per gallon 10.876 liters/100 km

And Smart service keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong with my Smart.

My sticker says 33mpg city.
Tank #1 after new all in town 35.4 mpg, Tank #2 41.68 MPG, mostly in town major road very little freeway. Very happy with the car.
I have about 2000 miles on my car and just took it on a small trip and got 45.5 miles to the gallon. Mostly interstate driving at 70 to 75 miles per hour.

You may be getting ripped off by paying for premium gas, yet getting regular...Try some different gas stations...Others have noted their gas mileage suffered significantly on regular grade gas...
We might have 62.8+ MPG Highway car.

I took a ride today from my home in San Francisco to Fry's in Palo Alto while taking detailed readouts of fuel and speed parameters from car sensors few times a second for the entire duration of the trip (over 30 miles, over 10 thousand samples, mostly flat highway 101). Throwing away extreme numbers here are the two mid of the road averages I computed from the readouts (:

59.92 MPG at average speed 49.2 mph over a stretch of 6.13 miles
62.81 MPG at average speed 44.9 mph over the next stretch of 8.57 miles.

Can't estimate the error just yet but as I get more readouts I will get that too (I expect the computed value to be lower by a few percent due to gas in the pipe biasing the first fuel click - I will update those results as soon as I have the offset computed too).

I tried to keep 52 mph while driving (in the slow lane - lower average speed came out on the second readout because the last couple of miles I was in the city and there is a 35 mph speed limit to observe)

I have done absolutely nothing to my Smart, including never checking tire pressure since I bought it a year ago, so I guess this should be possible for most Smarts.

If you want help with figuring out your Smarts's data, please let me know and we will think of something.

(happy camper today - that was the best I've got so far and this time it is recorded).

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