Does anyone know where I can find a set of window deflectors for the smart fortwo?

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I'd love a pair also... it's starting to get hot and those can really come in handy. was my first choice when looking, but they don't have them for the smart car, yet. I imagine if enough of us let them know of our interest, we might get them stocked...

Theodore Emilio Montecillo said:
Try Weather Ted.
yea. The only thing you could even remotely do is put one just above the window where it actually opens..... but you basically wouldn't be able to close your car door without leaving the window open.

Sato: think upper door frame or upper window frame might be a bit better than "rim".
Ryan said:"Sato: think upper door frame or upper window frame might be a bit better than "rim"."

I know.. I was in a hurry and just blurted out the first word that came to mind... I do apologize for the rudimentary description...
Thanks for the link. I just ordered mine. Hopefully, this will be a big help in keeping my smart cooler during the long hours in the sun while I am at work.

Peter McMasters said:
Francois said:
there you go guys. Click on the link!

Funny, I didn't see the link in your post, but I see it when I quote you

But thats not what they are asking for, they are looking to deflect Wind on the side windows. Not a Sun reflector for the windsheild
OOHHH "windshield sun reflector"......
I purchased one in Wallymart for $8.00................ bought the large one, as the regular ones are too short! Now thats funny!
You might also try the California Pop Top -

. Keeps the car really, really cool and protected, and they take about 30 seconds to put on and take off. I think smartmadness is carrying them now. - sheureka

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