SmartCanada gives its new car buyers a THREE year warranty and THREE year FREE MAINTENANCE...Come on Penske,cough it up !!!

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Brabus007 said:
24 month Warranty may be more telling than We want to know... We may find that our Car's go from "Prince to Frog" OR "Princess to Pumpkin" at the END of 24 Months...<:-(( ~ I guess I will be Buying that Extended Warranty...YUP ~ If Penske is afraid of the Car after 24 Months not to Warranty it any longer, maybe WE should Be Afraid to...!!!...???
Resume Speed

The 24 month warranty is a measure of Penske greed, not the longevity of the Smart...However,Penske prices for parts and labor suggests buying an extended warranty is a smart move...
Robert- You are comparing the warranty offered on the US smart with that offered in other countries. How does the warranty compare to cars sold in THIS country in the general price range of the smart? The US Mercedes warranty is not the same as the warranty in other countries. If you buy a Hyundai you can get a10 year warranty. In the US. How does your warranty compare to other new cars that you have previously purchased and what did they cost?

Posters here are quick to slam Roger Penske- How much risk did he take to bring the smart to the US and what was the investment on his part and that of the dealers? How many smart cars do they need to sell to recover that investment, let alone make a profit?
~YIKES... Do you think Penske is a Malcolm Bricklin "Wana-Be"...???~
One Maven is a man by the name of Malcolm Bricklin. He is a maven, and also a connector, because he is an entrepreneur and has tried his hand in many fields of the automobile industry. Therefore is knows a lot of information, and has a lot of contacts. Bricklin is the founder and CEO of Visionary Vehicles(2004), the firm that wants to import Chinese vehicles made by Chevrolet to the United States by 2007. He founded the Handyman stores in Orlando, Florida, in the 1960s. In 1969 he established Subaru of America to import Subaru cars from Japan. Bricklin left Subaru in 1971 to build his own gull-winged sports car. When that venture was halted by financial problems, Bricklin began importing the Yugo in 1985. The Yugo was a much ridiculed discount automobile, but it was discontinued in 1992. In 1995, Bricklin formed a company to market an electric bike, the EV Warrior. In 2002, he announced plans to import another Yugoslavia-made vehicle, Zastava MotorWorks' ZMW. Mr. Bricklin has tried to introduce more fuel-efficient cars into the US and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject...

Read up on Roger Penske. You'll find your answer. By the way, it's "no"
Jim Yedor said:
Read up on Roger Penske. You'll find your answer. By the way, it's "no"

Had Penske taken over Chrysler, it never would have gone bankrupt...However, Chrysler products would have a much shorter warranty...His distributing Smart in America has been a success, but his buying Saturn may be his Waterloo...
Maybe. However what he has purchased is a two year supply of Saturns from GM and then the ability to source cars from anywhere in the world and put the Saturn name on them. This isn't so different than what GM, Chrysler, and Ford have been doing for decades but the Saturn dealers were limited to what GM owned or bought. Penske can shop the world and buy the best product for his dealers for the current state of the market at any given time. He's not making Saturns, he's distributing them. Another thing to look for is his ability to make a decision and turn on dime- Ross Perot tells a story of his time on GM's board. They were debating whether to put a racing stripe along the lower sill of a Chevy model. The back and forth had gone on for almost a year. Perot told them to just stripe 50 cars. If they sold well stripe some more. If they didn't sell, remove the stripe and repaint the car. They still couldn't decide what to do.

Ever see the Penske race team at an event? Most prepared, most professional, not a tool out of place, not a spot of oil on pants or shirts. Leave nothing to chance that you can control to better deal with the unexpected.
In Canada we get:
New Car Warranty.

New car warranty:
48 months or 80,000 kilometres> about 48 thousand miles/u>, whichever occurs first.

Adjustment period:
12 months or 20,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.

Emission warranty:
24 months or 40,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.

Certain emission parts:
96 months or 130,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.

Surface corrosion:
48 months or 80,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.

60 months unlimited kilometres.

M-B Canada is currently offering the maintenance for the first 54K kms too!

Canada also pays a bit more for the car.... hard to say if RP is a cheapskate.... :)
Penske withdrew today from the deal to acquire Saturn....This is good because the acquisition would be like clutching a live hand grenade...Now he can concentrate on reducing overhead rather than searching for OPM to over extend his empire...It now appears that imports of Smart by Penske is more secure...

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