My new 2009 Cabrio did not come with a car alarm, no problem, I figured I'd add it in on my own, didn't want to finance it. I only got the better radio and the comfort package. I didn't add anything else not "necessary", such at the floor mats, cargo cover and boot tray. After I bought my car I walked over to the parts counter and paid cash for those items while they prepped my car.

What I found out was, you can't "add" the factory alarm at a later date... D'oh !! I thought it would be a plug and play situation, as you know all the wiring is already there.

Does anyone know of an aftermarket alarm that will tie into the existing system ? I don't want an extra fob just for the alarm.

Hindsight is always 20/20, I shouldn't have been so cheap and just sprung for the 160 bucks.....

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Yep, hindsight hurts, especially on the alarm. Doubt if you can find an aftermarket system (installed) for $160. Any decent stereo shop usually carries alarm systems and should be able to add one to your smart. Avoiding the extra fob may not be possible.
I added an aftermarket alarm. See the Gorilla Products at:

I installed it myself. It was about $100, it has a motion sensor to see if the car would be tilted or moved. Also it has a basic electric sensor if any device is turned on it will go off. It has a separate FOB.

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