Just picked up my Smart Passion and drove it home 164 miles. I noticed that it takes along time to shift between gears. Its almost like it puts on the brakes then shifts, this is in auto mode, and in manual mode its just slightly better. Is this normal? Do I need to take it back for adjustment? Comments please.....Thanks

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When I took my smart for a test drive, as we walked up to my car, the dealer said, "Have you ever driven a manual tranny ?" I replied, "Yep.". Then he said, "Then this tranny will feel familiar to you. Watch how it shifts in Auto mode."

When we pulled out of the lot, it began it's shifting routine. I laughed. The dealer said, "Told ya so !! After a few days, you won't even notice it."

When driving with my wife, I still do "ghost shifting", I pretend to shift by simulating shifting gears. :)

As far as the rude commenters, he forgets that at one time HE didn't know anything about smart cars. NONE of us did. Sometimes people forget that at one time we were ALL new to smarts.

My only other pet-peeve is when someone asks a question, and the only response is "use the search". They could have posted an answer just as quick. The search feature returns so many hits it would take hours to find your answer. Sometimes a "do this....." answer is much more friendly.
Ever since auto manufacturers added fourth and fifth gears, the feel of automatic transmissions have become less standard. That means each driver's initial impression to each different vehicle will be different. With new "sport" vehicles adding paddle shifters, even the automated manuals will elicit a wide variation of responses. I've found that many drivers do not adapt very well. Look at the "expert" evaluations of the smartCar! I don't think many of them figured out how to do 0-60 in 12.4 seconds. It can be done once you get the experience from more than an hours' drive. Enough of my rant over sunny day driving experts!
I've always driven a stick, unless it was a loaner, & my "Simone Smart" shifts likes most manual cars, except I think because you're not using a clutch, you notice it more... if you actually pretend to clutch shift, just as an exercise, the lag in time between gears is negligible.
my "Simone" darts around in LA traffic, quicker than most other cars, so shifting becomes a moot point, no matter what driving mode is chosen.
I've had her for just over a year now, & have 6k on the clock with no problems (touch wood), am I lucky? or just blonde?
I just love all the replies...You guys are great......Once someone told me to pretend to shift manually I really got it. Thanks again everyone
Drive it in Manual mode! And, just before you shift, let up on the accelerator just a touch. Mine shifts smoothly. I've also found that you'll get better gas mileage in manual mode too compared to auto-shift.

Don't give up your Smart! They are great little cars!

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