I took out my scan gauge to check out a check engine light in my wife's car. After I was done, I went to plug it back in and saw an eight point connector attached to wires dangling from under the dash. I don't know where it was plugged in before. I tried starting the car, no problem. The scan gauge works as before.

Does anyone know where this is from/ where it goes? Thanks for your help!

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Pictures would be helpful.
Sorry Ron. I'll try to get a picture today and post it. It turns out that on my way in to work this morning, I discovered that my power windows didn't work. I'll get in touch with smartUSA and see if they know where it connects. The connector is a rectangular female connector with a locking device at one corner.
Ron Stock said:
Pictures would be helpful.
Well, I should say that the problem is solved. It seems that I owe smart USA and smartcenter Boston's service adviser, Nathan, a big thank you!.

I called the 800 number and spoke with CJ (JC?). After explaining the problem he said he would connect me with a technician. Moments later I was speaking with my local smart center service department. I described the problem and they took my number and said they would call back. How many times have you heard that line? In this case, I received a call back in about five minutes. It was Nathan calling to better understand the problem. He asked a few questions and said he would call me back. About five minutes after that, Nathan called back and described the connectors under the dash right at the position of the steering column. He recommended using a flashlight and I thought I really needed a limber back LOL. After work, I followed Nathan's guidance and about thirty seconds after I was able to get under the dash (which took considerably longer) the connector was inserted and the windows worked.

Thanks smart team.

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