I'm still running with a paper tag taped to the rear window of my week-old cabrio, my dealer hasn't called yet saying my plates are in.

When I picked up my car, I noticed the black plastic "bracket" in the cargo area for the front plate. Since Texas is currently a "two plate state", once my plates came in, the dealer was going to drill holes in my front bumper. Unacceptable !!

To thwart my dealers attempt at defacing my front bumper, I bought the "No Holes License Plate Bracket" from smartmadness. Excellent product !! Although the web site doesn't state this, the entire thing is made out of stainless steel and WELL worth the money, I highly recommend ! The hex head bolts and nylock nuts only add to the quality.

Now that I have the front end under control, my attention turned toward the rear plate. I noticed there is absolutely nothing there as far as brackets go. There are two small divots where a hole could be drilled, but smart doesn't just drill into the tailgate and shoot some screws in there, do they ? Is there some type of holder/bracket to be installed ?

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If you don't mind drilling the plastic any license plate holder will work on the rear. To avoid drilling, I used double sided tape and it works very well.
My dealer had already drilled & mounted their advertising holder on the back of my cabrio :-( It appears I am now stuck with this situation.
Cliff, had the same issue with our first smart. Removed the license plate holder, used the double sided tape on the back of the plate, then positioned it where it covered the holes. Nice clean look.

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