Wide tires in front increases possibility of rollover!

I went to Smart Center Buffalo and inquired about replacing the front tires of my Smart with wider tires. They said that Smart does not recommend this because it increases the risk of a rollover!

I will leave the front tires and instead change the suspension. I'm thinking about changing the springs or getting the Barbus suspension.

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Neco said:
Maybe they use the same size tires on the Barbus because it has different suspension than the Passion. The Barbus suspension makes the car lower, if I'm not mistaken.

When I get the Barbus suspension I'll ask about getting the front tires changed.

The Brabus suspension changes the springs and shocks. it stiffens the 4 corners and also lowers the car. this I don't think will solve some mysterious flipping issue.. as there is none to start off with. Like others have said before on these forums, the smarts HAVE 175s up front STANDARD from smart in other parts of the world.... and I'm not including the even wider set ups Brabus implements.
The regular smart (normal suspension and all) is available in Europe with wider wheels and tires of 175/195 front/rear section, straight from the factory. Show that to the dealer and ask what they think about their comment.

If they are still spouting the drivel about rollover risk, ask them why the smart USA accessory catalog has chrome 5"/6.5 " accessory wheels shown, which require 175/195 front/rear rubber. Tell them you're going to oder a set from them, then sue when you roll over.
Mike, I could not have said it better... America is so sue happy and worried at the same time. It makes no sense.
I have seen pick ups that are so high off the ground their bumpers are probably a good 4 feet above the normal height... and yet they are allowed on public roads. I've seen jeeps on 35" swamp tires going down the streets.. again why?
And then people ask if going one inch wider on anorexic front tires of the smart, is dangerous? PLEASE people use common sense. Do some research. put the wider fronts on and enjoy the new found stability.
Anyone running wider rear tires in the front in a high snow area? I would ask about packed snow in the wheel well interfering with ability of the tire to make an unobstructed turn. Maybe this is an issue and maybe not. Anyone from snow territory have a comment? I'd sure like to change. - Thanks, Dan
Sure wider tires will Plow more in snow, and narrower tires will cut through snow better, and will have the added advantage of "Putting More Pounds Of The Car Per Square Inch Down Because Of The Smaller Contact Patch"... Most people that drive in Serious Snow Country put standard Snow tires and wheels on for that period of the year... Please Drive according to conditions, the abilities of your Equipment, and Your own abilities when driving in Abnormal conditions...
Note: I do have OEM Rear wheels & Tires on the Front of mine... I accept the "+" & "-" of this set-up... In Florida we have Black Ice (hydroplaning) and not Snow... So I am aware of this, and drive accordingly (slow down in heavy rain)
Our Cars are working to Help us when WE need Help...<:-))
Your Smart is going to do its damndest to keep Top Side Up... Don't push your Luck...!!!
Any Car can roll over when handled improperly, regardless of the tire Size & Pressure you chose...

Without Stability Control
With Stability Control
I've hit unexpected road height changes at the end of a bridge that scared the daylights out of us because of the loud wham! The Brabus tires are the wide, low profile on the rear and not quite as wide on the front. They are Hankook tires. sorry I don't have the specs handy. Suspension is 9 mm lower. Looks great, steers great! WAKES YOU UP over pot-holes and speed bumps. On city streets, it drives like a Go-Kart. It just begs to do U-turns!

smarttask said:
You Said:-Where I live there are pot holes everywhere, I'm not worried about the design, I suggested the wide tires to solve the pot hole problem.
If there are pot holes everywhere the last thing you need is the Barbus suspension, you will need extra strength glue for your false teeth and topee.........................
Try one first, thats if the Barbus suspension is the same as the Barbus suspension in europe.

Roger. Italy

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