Hi Everyone, not sure if this has been discussed or not but on my 09 Brabus coupe I happened to park it with the gas tank cover facing the sun and when i came out the B had melted off the car and was stuck on the rear fender.
yes thats a bummer.
I called Joe here in sunny Minnesota at Bloomington Ssmartcenter and he knew all about it. Seems the two Brabi on their lot had the same issue.
Good news is that Germany is making a full one piece replacement (nice) and will replace any body panels that are affected by resin residue from the glued on B.
Even if you have not experienced this problem I would suggest calling your dealer, and reporting that you have. Just tell them that you stuck it back on (thats actually what I did) and have them open a case for you.
It is a known issue and so when the new part becomes available you will get a call to install the (free) replacement and you will get a new quarter panel if you actually do have glue on it.
From a customer point of view thats pretty much what you want your car vendor to say/do. So good for smart.

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I am familiar with this problem. My "B" has fallen off three times since May 20th delivery date. I am going by my dealer this week and see if they have the new part.
One piece as in door and decal are now a single unit?
Yes they are going to make a one piece unit but its not done yet so you cant get one yet. Supposed to be by the end of the year. Create a case with your local service department and they will contact you when the new part is ready. My guess is that they will only do this if you have reported the problem. I think you will need to speak up to get the part. They wont come looking for you proactively

Rudy said:
One piece as in door and decal are now a single unit?
Yea... Just discovered my Brabus sticker stuck to the edge of my fender just above the tire when I went to get gas. Called Smart Center Devon, and they hadn't heard anything about it from anyone else, but they're gonna look into it.
Gorilla Glue! :D
yeah.... i'm not even fond of little extras that are held in place by 3M double sided tape, such as those billet aluminum paddle shifters, or chrome mirror trim..... let alone the fact that the gigantic Brabus logo on the fuel filler cap is a massive sticker...... i'll be damned if i'm going to GLUE a STICKER in place. lol
I had this problem and took it back to the dealer and they put a new sticker on. In the south Texas heat it lasted about a day. I ended up using super glue on it and it has not moved since.

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