The clutch parts(plate, grease & trans fluid) was $433.89 then labor for $992.00, totaling $1425.89. This was NOT covered by the extended service contract.

Along with the new clutch I also got a new gas cap (check engine light ) which was $38.28 but they charged me $80 for labor,WTF, so the total was $118.28.

The 30 k check up was advertised as $329.95, they charged me $454.70.

Total bill of the day $2066.80

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My clutch failed at 9,500 and was replaced under warranty. There is a new clutch disk that replaces the original one. Worth looking into to see if the old one was defective.
I went in for a check engine light and mentioned the PNRD problem it was starting to have. The past 2 weeks it was getting stuck in N while going from P to R or D to R. I always let it take its time shifting into all of them, cause I know its been a problem with shifting too fast. It was only happening in my driveway. How ever I don't think my car was ever truly normal as I never could go up any kind of hill in "Automatic" from 1st to 2nd with out it going to 5000 RPMs and not going any but really slow till it decided to shift. Maybe it was bad to begin with, maybe it wasn't. I generally drive an average of 40 mph 1.5 hr to get to work and only a few stop signs. I don't think I drove it hard at all. Probably the last 5k miles I have been using the shifter more to avoid the bad hill situation. I really hope the new clutch last a lot longer! Since they were taking it apart i had the 30k done, instead of coming back in another 6 weeks to take it apart again for 30K service.
Had to have my clutch plate replaced at 10500 miles during 10000 mile check. Trans was hanging up in reverse from initial start. Was told this failure was a known problem due to trans software upgrade and repaired at no cost under warranty. New clutch plate installed is part used in 2009 models.
I am having the same issue with my car, not shifting right and sometimes not even going into gear. I am nearing 20k Miles... Should I force my dealership to replace it before it goes? I have had other issues, with my back window closing, and they have yet to fix the problem. My 4th trip coming up to fix that, so maybe I should call them and tell them to get the parts ordered?????
Kim,... Get that car in to the Dearler ASAP, to get the Tranny problem resolved, or documented as a Problem, so even if its not fixed, it will extend your "Unresoved on going Problem" past the 2 Year Warranty...YUP... Get it on Record, or your Screwed...<:-((
I have the same PNDR issues and finally convinced my dealer ship (with the help of our Regional Rep) to replace my clutch under warranty. I've been trying to schedule this and got this email today from our dealership:

"The good news is, is that Smart gave us a new fix for the Reversing issue. It’s a software patch that takes no longer than an hour to download. This is brand new, as of last week, I believe. Smart recently decided that while replacing the clutch was our initial fix, it may not permanently fix the issue. And while we haven’t seen any evidence of the problem reoccurring after a clutch replacement, Smart attests that the download WILL permanently fix the problem."

Has anybody heard that SMART is finally omitting that there is a problem???
It never completely fixed the problem. I finally could go up a hill with out problems but I still have trouble going into reverse. I just take a few extra minutes to let it "think". If I try to shift it fast then it will stick in N. I know have just shy of 55,000 miles. Maybe at my 60K(Oct.) I will talk to them about the software update.

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