Hi Smart owners,I'm in the Navy,and my hubby is army.We live in Hattiesburg,MS.I have been renting cars for over 5 mths and getting screwed by rental car company's because i use a debt card ,and they can change the rate after u rent the car.My husband is deployed to Afghanistan,and I work at 3 different bases in MS>>camp shelby,NAS meridian,and gulfport>>i normally use a gov car to get to work ,but need a car for my own freedom>>so I want to know more about this car !Do u like it and why?>>Breakdowns ,is it expensive or difficult to get service or parts or repairs?,How's it's pickup and comfort driveing? Is it quiet when u drive it ?Mostly how safe do u feel in a MS rainstorm?How is the air conditioning because it is really hot in MS?Tell me more especially any complaints!>>>I'm scared buying a car on my own without my hubby around so help me out please.

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1) Is Dealer Close By
2) Only Room ForTwo
3) If you Need Room ForFour, Buy a YARIS for $200.00 Less

~Is This You~Then Buy A Smart~
Anybody that buy's a Smart is considered to have a "Experimenter Personality"...<:-))
The smart is a blast to drive- but it is a city car that does reasonably well on the highway. The car is twitchy in crosswinds and has a bumpy ride compared to longer cars. The seats are great, the A/C works well. The car is genrally reliable. It is serviced at the dealership, not a local repair shop. If you are close to the dealer that's good. Not close? Not good. Safety? Very safe.

The Yaris or Honda Fit are 3 feet longer. Niether are as much fun. Both are great cars, cost about the same as the smart, and can be serviced almost anywhere.
Hate to say it, but as a lot of people say, myself included... and as i'm sure someone would have said here eventually..... We can tell you as much as you'd want about the car.... but whether or not YOU like driving it is something only you can figure out for yourself. Also where the idea of possibly having a dealership close by would be helpful.
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Navy Nikki,
If you and your hobby are planning to have a baby, I say don't buy smart coz I dont think you can put the baby car seat on the front. But if you want a second car, just for you and your hobby to drive around town the smart car is the best bet.coz you and your hobby seat very close together...
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Nikki - go here: http://www.smartcarofamerica.com and ask your questions - you'll get a better response from folks who have owned theirs for a while. Before you ask, search through the threads and I think you'll find most of the questions have already been asked before.
For me, a two seater works well for my wife and I. The pickup is acceptable, parking easy and it's fun to drive. Haven't had a breakdown in the first year of owning. The A/C works well in Central FL which is probably as hot as MS.
Find your closest dealer and go have a look and test drive. . . and GOOD LUCK~!

It's definitely not a car for everybody. The posts about availability of service center are right on target. AC is fine. I live in Texas, and it's hot here too. A little extra ceramic window tint would be a good aftermarket expense. Fuel economy is great. It's comfortable, it's safe, and it's affordable. But it's for TWO persons. Young couples can sometimes increase that number somewhat suddenly, so think about that too. Best of luck and best wishes to your warrior husband as well.
Romeo: actually it's perfectly possible to put a baby seat in the Smart. It has the straps to secure it, and it's not illegal to put a child seat in the front seat of a car if that car only has two seats.
They are both in the military, when I was in the military any military base won't allow you to put a car seat in the front,unless they change the regulation.the best thing to do is check the regulation before buying.

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