I am confused. The sales force says you can tow a Smart behind a motor home . The FAQ on the Smart site says it can be towed, however the manual in my Smart says only in emergency and only 30 miles at no more than 30 mph. Who is right and what happens to the warranty. Wayne new today.passion.

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I just spoke to the Camping World service rep in Spartenburg, SC, and he told me that the Smart can be flat towed, but at speeds not to exceed 60 mph. I don't know where he got the info. He has ordered a Roadmaster baseplate to install on a Smart.

Yes, you can tow your Smart 4 wheels down behind your motorhome. I installed a Blue Ox base plate on our 2008 Smart. I will be uploading some photo's.

Let me know if you have any questions. I have done a few base plates over the years on different vehicles.

Take Care,
I just received the February 2009 issue of Motorhome Magazine which contains the 2009 Dinghy Towing Guide. The smart fortwo is listed as towable with no restrictions. Motorhome Magazine states "we're only listing those new vehicles that have been officially recognized by the manufacturer as being dinghy towable" I take that to mean that the manufacturer has approved the smart fortwo for towability.
Both Blue-ox and Roadmaster manufacture base plate kits for the smart fortwo. I do not know the base plate number for Blue Ox but the Roadmaster kit is 52285-1.
Hope this helps.
Hi Wayne,

The SMART can be flat towed behind a motor coach. Road-Master has the towbar kit and bracket set for the car.
Turn the key to accesssory. and place the shift in neutral, keep your speed below 65 mph. to be safe. Narrow guage tires and a short wheel base doesn't like being towed at high speeds. It works the tires pretty hard.
You will NEVER hear or feel a blow-out if one occured while towing, resulting in possible damage to your SMART..
It is in the 2009 owners manual.
any info available on the ON/OFF switch required to be installed as detailed in the owners manual but no dealers in Ohio, or the 800 number,  know anything about it and can't get it?

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