I'm an engineer/ex-shop owner and I'd like some major parts to study for after market modifications and updates. Does anyone know of any Smarts that might be available for parts?

Please leave a note in this thread or send me a PM.

Cheers and thanks, Bob

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According to my local dealer, no Smarts have been so badly damaged to be totaled. I've been putting out regular queries on the junkyard "wire" and had no hits, so hope someone knows of one.

Thanks, Bob
I gave up looking for a totaled smart.If you find one I only need the white interior trim that goes around the windows/roof, a black dash top that hasn't had the airbag go off and a seat cover,color doesn't matter.
Right now, I'm looking for some body parts to cut up a bit, maybe to make some new panels. Also, a rear suspension. Plus a driver door electric window regulator and motor. Eventually a seat mount and a steering column. You can imagine the mods I'm looking at engineering, if the lawyers don't scare me off.

Cheers, Bob
There have been a couple of 'smashed' smarts on eBay over the last month or two. Unfortunately the sellers are expecting top dollar for them. One was a roll-over with a damaged tridion cell but most everything else was intact with the exception of a few badly scraped-up panels. . . it actually looked good enough to drive. The price IIRC was $7500 (or maybe it was $9500)
Just do a seach on 'smart car' to see what turns up. The one mentioned was a month or more back so search in the completed listings first. Good Luck~!
Bob - here is one that just popped up on eBay. Front hit - damage to the radiator, a/c condenser, radiator mount, etc. Body damage to the front panels only. . . no engine/transmission damage.
eBay item number is 290351118446 or go here:
Many thanks. I will watch that.


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