We are only getting 21 miles per gallon on our Smart Car purchased in February. We use only premium gas and have taken the mileage reading several time. We had the Doug Thorley Exhaust System installed with no improvement. Anyone else having this problem??

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Mine is stock except for k&n air filter & I costantly get low to mid 40's.
I drive in auto almost all the time.
My worst milage has been 34, & that was on first 2 tanks of fuel.
get a scangauge2 and quit guessing as to the real mpg. You will also benefit from the other gauge information it provides... by the way I have an 08 and have averaged 43.5mpg after the 1k break in period... going into my 20k now.
My wife and I both have Smart Cars, hers a Cabrio and I a coupe. Both of us average in the low to mid 40's. The best I have done on the coupe is 51.4. Both of our cars are completely stock. How exactly are you checking the milage?
I'm thinkin' if you consistantly get numbers that low it may be time for a trip to the dealer. Have them hook it up to the diagnostic computer. You may have something clogged/disconnected/broken without you even knowing it.

There is no logical reason why you are getting such lousy mileage.
not to mention why thinking an aftermarket exhaust would show some kind of miracle.

william... where and how exactly are you driving your Smart? And how exactly are you calculating the mileage?

Also... don't really see the point behind having both a forum discussion, AND a blog about the same thing.
Ryan, I met you on the booster thread and now here. Are you always such a downer? You obviously don't have much else better to do because you seem to be on this site quite a bit. Why don't you just take a chill and enjoy. If you don't think there's much sense to this discussion then stay out of it.
I think there is a problem there. I'd take it to the dealer and/or have some diagnostics run.
Larry.... i didn't say there's no sense to this discussion. i said there's no sense simultaneously posting a discussion in the forums as well as a blog about the same exact thing. I see a lot of people do it, and it's irritating, not to mention less efficient since you have people posting in two different places, rather than one.
Could you describe your typical daily use of your smart car? Thinks such as length of drive, stop signs, signals, if you use the paddle shifters / Auto mode or both, use of A/C, tach rev at shift points, etc. All of these have a factor on mileage of any car. This would be a big help for those that would like to help / comment on this issue.

Take care.
I picked up my Brabus in July of this year. I drive 40 miles a day, round trip for work. Short errand trips on the weekend. 50% of the work trip is freeway but the trip home is rush hour. I am getting 40-42mpg with some use of AC. The freeway driving is helping a little but I estimate that city driving would be around 36-38mpg. 21 mpg does seem a little odd.
Good luck find a solution.
Wow, I'd be disappointed too. I average around 40 mpg (combined).If you are consistently that low I don't think a scangauge is going to tell you very much, even if it does give a more accurate reading. You will still be low. I would talk to your dealer. You may just have a lemon.

And Ryan, Larry is right, lighten up, dude.
A scan gauge will help YOU learn what type of driving wastes gas. It does not do a real great job of showing what your MPG is but It is valuable to track trip info, RPMs, motor temps and track what the top speed is over a length of time (good for catching that hot rod kid)

All I can say is that the first few tanks can be disappointing but it does get better, Look for a jump in MPG right around 5K-7K

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