I had an idea for some ambient LED lighting in ITIBITI, so I went to see Matt Boesch at Genius smart Parts for some advice. He did all the heavy lifting...while I provided moral support.

Look here for pictures and video of the beginning of the project...the cabin. The boot, tailgate, roll-bar and more are to follow!


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Nice accent. Very professional looking.
Looking G00D...<:-)
Brabus007 said:
Looking G00D...<:-)

Alan, Dan & Brabus007...

Thanks for the kind words!


PS: How you doing Dan? Long time no talk. Life good?
really gotta say.... that's quite freakin neat lookin.
Awesome Job dude!
As always, very, very nice work. Itibiti is fortunate to be owned by you. I am fortunate that you are kind enough to share your labor of love of such a fine instrument. Kudos to you Billo! I am anxious to see the coming pictures of the REST of the story!
Don't want to highjack your thread,but here are my LED's.I used red for the puddle lights;I'm adding 4 more for the nationals,and yellow inside.I did this last April.The interior is alot brighter than the picture shows,iphone camara ya'know!

Thats not a highjack... Its on subject... How about more details...<:-))
What would you like to know?
Like where did you acquire the lights, and how did you wire them into your system...
I won't play with electrics.A shop here in Chicago;Showtime Audio,installed them.They are wired to a hidden 3 way switch-off,always on and on with the doors opening.
http://www.superbrightleds.com/led ( a veritable plethora of led choices at reasonable {to me} prices
http://www.superbrightleds.com/specs/luxart_specs.htm (one of my favorites)

Brabus007 said:
Like where did you acquire the lights, and how did you wire them into your system...

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