More proof that some people just don't get it...

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Wow........I finally own the #1 car on the list. LOL. Gotta luv those critics. He was probably paid by the big three automakers put smarties on the list because they realize everything they build pales in comparison to the smart fortwo.
This guy probably thinks that the Ford Country Squire was the height of automotive excellence. I grew up thinking that beef tenderloin was not very good. Why?? My mom cooked it until it was gray and tasteless. I didn't know that beef tasted good until I had a rare steak at age 16 and refused to believe it was the same food. The editor is probably in a legacy job thanks to a rich uncle and had no real world experience and clearly has no foresight. So, let them rant.They don't know what they're talking about.
I think you have proof that some people don't "get" anything. It's sad that the most ignorant among us usually get the most press.
I don't know--we've been driving our fortwo for 2 months now, and we're still smiling!!!!!! (and from what we've seen other people are also smiling!!!)
I've grown accustomed to smart bashing. They can say whatever they want. I will continue loving my smart. I have yet to speak to anyone who doesn't like theirs either.

I think it's safe to say whoever wrote this article either drives a mini or an enormous truck with an american eagle graphic stuck to the back window.
I get a kick that 41mpg is unimpressive.
Did everyone immediately get e-mails from family and co-workers? I had three waiting in my inbox by 8 AM yesterday rubbing the article in my face lol. I can't believe they think it's the worst!!

As I was parking last night in my very busy Chicago neighborhood, in a spot that was just big enough for only me to fit, I was the one smiling :)
This article is inaccurate and unresponsible. They should print a retraction.

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