The smart formore, the concept that never was, the smart that could've been, but conceived in a bad year.

The smart brand's first attempt at US soil failed. Their idea was a crossover type of SUV called the formore, that was supposed to be smart's entry to the US market in 2007. It died a premature death and it really never made it to full concept phase. They dumped a whole lot of R&D in the formore but because of slow roadster and forfour sales, they had to pull the plug on all three before the end of 2005.

For the project, smart built several test vehicles and two versions for auto shows; one concept, one production

When they decided to pull the plug they crushed all test formores and the two show cars were sent to a Mercedes-Benz warehouse in Germany, where they sit indefinitely.

What's really neat about this is that there are only 2 formores in the world and they're both completely different. And they're working models with engines and everything so they're road ready...just in case if a certain rich man or woman were to buy them for an insane amount of money...

Here are some photos and sources:

Click on this link for a gallery:

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Good thing it never saw production- Right there with the Pontiac Aztec!
Jim Yedor said:
Good thing it never saw production- Right there with the Pontiac Aztec!
I think it looks nice.

In that first photo there's a more refined version to the right, looks better than the concept.
the one in focus in the first pic doesn't appear any different than the one to the right. Only difference i can really see is the matte paint finish.

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