Not sure if anyone else has this issue... but it seems like almost any time i drive my Smart, there is air coming through the vents, even when the fan is turned down to 0. And i don't mean moving outdoor air temperature air.... i mean if i have the temperature slider up to high heat, i get heat from the vents. if i turn it down to cold, i get cold air. Not as much as if i had the fan up to 1.... but the faster i go, the more forceful the air seems to pour through the vents.... to the point where one day on the way to work i had the fan on 0, the temperature at high heat, doing 60-65 down the highway, on a sunny but mid-40 degree day, and the car got warm enough to make me open the windows a bit. I know i coulda just turned the temperature down, but i don't mind the cold.

So.... anyone else experience this, or know what may be causing it?

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Most vehicles produced since the late 1960's have what they call flow-thru-ventilation. It is so the air inside the vehicle is always fresh and does not get "stale".
All vehicles I have owned since the 80's have done this. Some better than others. CL and TR, if you turn yours to defrost, yes, you will get cool fresh air. But I believe that engages the AC compressor (as it attempts to remove humidity). That is not really a problem, but it will affect your MPG. I could be wrong, but again, an all cars since the 80's kind of experience.
That is a normal feature on most cars. if u dont want the fresh air to circulate jus depress the right button (cabin) opposite the a/c button and it will restrict the air flow till you turn on the FAN.
fresh air flow works well in the winter temps. less a/c fan operations.

try this and tell me how it wrks! ;)

well.... i don't experience the same thing in my parent's '07 Jeep Grand Cherokee, '02 Dodge Ram dually, or their '01 Pontiac Trans-Am..... just why i'm asking. actually, don't think the same thing happened in my '99 Durango, '87 Jeep Wrangler, or '87 VW Golf either....
Remember that turning the ac on and running the defrost vent will clear away the condensation the quickest as the air has been dehumidified by the a.c.

CL and TR Fellows said:
Hi Roger,

Gidjit's AC compressor doesn't engage unless I push the AC button to "ON". Otherwise I just get cool fresh air from the outside. I've run the AC through the summer and experienced 36MPG on average. When the weather cooled to below 70 then the AC was turned off and my MPG jumped to 39-40. It's been raining alot lately so that requires me to run air through the defrost to keep my windscreen clear. I'm still getting 39-40 MPG.
Your smart (and virtually every other car nowdays) has "flow-through ventillation" which allows outside air to flow through the car at all times. IThis air will flow through the heater core if the temp is set to hot or through the cold air/airconditioner core if the temp is set to cold. And it will flow through whichever vents (defrost, heater, or ac) you have it set to. Stopping this flow is really easy. Just push the "recirculate" button. This turns off the outside air intake and, therefore, the flow-through air flow.

Recirculate button (little smart car image with a circular arrow) push it.
heating VENTILATING air conditioning, HVAC
try an 04 0r 05 Toyota Rav4.. they VENT really well so much so that unless the temp outside is above 80 or the humidity is above 60% you have no reason to turn the A/C on... this saves you a lot of fuel!!!
Ryan, its a good thing.. but if you need to have NO air recirculating in your car and wish to breathe in your own exhaled air over and over and over just press the recirculate button. That will close the vents off from outside air for you and your passenger to enjoy each others breath.

I would like the "vent" flow to be greater in our smarties, that way I could let the engine do what its primary intention is... to move the car through the wind and not the other way around .. the wind through the car...
Good sense of humor, Sato...
This is just the automatic temperature control trying to keep you comfortable and happy. The engine always has heat to spare so heat is never to be wanted for. Cooling is always available at the touch of the A.C. button, but not without loading the engine and gas mileage.
It is one of the best a.c. systems I've had in a car, with the exception that you manually select the fan speed. My Cadillac would modulate fan speed automatically which was nice, but this is certainly okay. You have adequate airflow with out turning on the fan, unless you need a.c.

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