Not sure if anyone else has this issue... but it seems like almost any time i drive my Smart, there is air coming through the vents, even when the fan is turned down to 0. And i don't mean moving outdoor air temperature air.... i mean if i have the temperature slider up to high heat, i get heat from the vents. if i turn it down to cold, i get cold air. Not as much as if i had the fan up to 1.... but the faster i go, the more forceful the air seems to pour through the vents.... to the point where one day on the way to work i had the fan on 0, the temperature at high heat, doing 60-65 down the highway, on a sunny but mid-40 degree day, and the car got warm enough to make me open the windows a bit. I know i coulda just turned the temperature down, but i don't mind the cold.

So.... anyone else experience this, or know what may be causing it?

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Good sense of humor, Sato...
This is just the automatic temperature control trying to keep you comfortable and happy. The engine always has heat to spare so heat is never to be wanted for. Cooling is always available at the touch of the A.C. button, but not without loading the engine and gas mileage.
It is one of the best a.c. systems I've had in a car, with the exception that you manually select the fan speed. My Cadillac would modulate fan speed automatically which was nice, but this is certainly okay. You have adequate airflow with out turning on the fan, unless you need a.c.

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