Want to dress my smart for Halloween: How do I affix cat ears to her roof?

I want to dress Roxi (my car) up for Halloween. I'd love to put cat ears on her roof... but how can I affix them? Magnets? Tape? What won't go flying off? Any ideas? Anyone else dressing up their smart car?

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UMM the car flag poles that attach to the windows just w/ur design and if u do decide to tie on cabri rails just know = your top MUST remain down or you could damage something.

good luck

boo! :D
She's a Passion, and we go 75+mph on the way to work. Where do you think I could find suction cups or magnets strong enough?

Forest said:
Well if your doing Highway speeds its going to be tough. But Magnets onto the cell or Suction cups to the roof or windsheild would be my bet.

If a Cabrio then Tied to the side rails
Here's a site that sells ears for motorcycle helmets. They use suction cups, rated for up to 175 mph.

How about some of that peel-off rubber cement? Or, museum putty, but I'm not sure that will hold. OR--some fat elastic that you can run all the way around the roof and connect with velcro on the inside--and still close the doors...maybe that's the ticket! we want pictures, too.
Well, of course you can...but the Cat might not like it, it will hurt and there will be some blood. lol

Sorry, I have a low resistance!

My spiceJax page
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My wife and I have these "car costumes." They are variations on the car flag mounts suggested here.

I have the bat wings for my smart.
The wife has the pumpkin for her Scion xD.

Some flapping noise from the bat wings -- I only use them when parked.

Suction cups may not work on the roof as it is not a smooth surface. I'd go with the duc tape. It comes in different colors and strengths. I would think 75 MPH would flaten them so maybe put them on once you get off the interstate.

Or you could tie them down with a strap going out the window, over the roof and in the other side.
Would love to see pics of this if you pull it off! The smart has a LOT of personality on it's own, it's sort of like driving a cartoon car (to me, anyway, which is part of it's charm) and I think it'd lend well to anthropomorphism. :)
For a Santa hat my mom made last year, I had her sew an elastic strap section on both sides of the hat and then ran each section through the door openings and connected in the middle with velcro. Once the doors are shut, it seemed to hold pretty well. I'm not sure I'd take it on the interstate though...
Rachel....Check out spyder smart on scoa. Hows the ears goin

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