Can you use the emergency air pump for maintenance inflation?

I've read my manual, and I've asked my smart center folks, and neither could shed light on this:

Can you use the emergency tire repair kit's air pump to do maintenance inflation every two weeks? I know that once you use the tire-patching "bottle of goo" with said pump that the entire unit should be disposed of, but what if you don't use the goo?

I ask because there has been a dreadful cold snap in my area, and I didn't get to do my twice-monthly tire check yesterday so the air pressure warning light has come on. I don't know if I should invest in an electric air pump (if so, what do you recommend?) or just use the one under the passenger side's floor. I'd like to pump her up before the long trip home!

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The air pump that comes with the car works but I find it easier buying one from WalMart for $15.00, less hassle

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