I believe I saw a Pure coupe (gray interior, no paddle shifters and steel wheels) with the clear roof the other day. Was this an option in 2008, or did someone have a clear roof put on their Pure? Have you, or has anyone you know done this?

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I have heard of Pure's with power windows but I have never heard of a Pure with the Panoramic Roof? Interesting? One should probably go to the smartusa web sight and see if a Pure can be configured with a Panoramic Roof.
If I were to configure another coupe, I would go with the solid roof. The panoramic roof just lets in too much heat. The shade is not that effective either. The only thing that really keeps the car cool in the summer is the California Pop Top cover.

Kevin Heran said:
Nope. Can't configure a Pure with a panoramic roof. That's at least what I tried to do by going to smart USA. It seems that you can only configure the Passion coupe with either roof. My soon to be here Passion is configured with the solid roof.
Spice is a passion & has the solid roof. I test drove all three models back in 2007 at the smartusa road trip. The solid was cooler in the Fla Sun, the Panoramic roof is nice, but I am usually looking at the road not the sky. lol

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The current model year cannot be equipped with a panoramic roof, but that option was offered on 2008 models as can be configured, and frankly i was not all that impressed with the panoramic roof for the fact that it can really overheat the interior in the summer even with the shade set. On the other hand, if it were a sunny day on a frigid day, i bet it be a blessing as to reduce the need for running the heater.

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