plan to drive cross country from new york to los angeles

does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

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Is there a reward for the first owner to visit all the smart centers in the US?

Seriously, stop at as many as you can. Take pics and compare/contrast the people and experiences?
I am just browsing after about 1 6 month lapse. It's fun being1000 miles or so away from home and talking with folks who still say "did you really drive that.....". I have one of the "gray" market smarts with nearly 70k miles on it. Have a 2nd set of wheels with Hankook snows but have never taken one along as a spare. I suppose someday that will get me but it takes up too much room when we are going to be gone for 3 or 4 weeks. I've been waiting to get one of the euro hybrids or a limited edition 3 like those that went to Canada.
My experienced suggestion is go I-80 till Salt Lake then due South on I-15. I did I-80 solo from Monterey, Ca to NJ in 68 hours with nothing more than a plastic folding USA map and Rand McNally Road atlas back in '99 in an M3 (foot to the floor watching the gas gauge tick down).
- Get a neck pillow, and I mean right now. Walmart or PepBoys.
-Recline that passenger seat all the way down , Bend it past the safety tab because you might be caught sleeping in the car .

-Bring a box of Little Debbies cream filled oatmeal cookies, can of slim-jims, variety pack of chips, and juice boxes)

-Get a $5 cup holder wedge for coins and 7-11 big gulps (the stock cup holders can't fit big gulps when your cell, GPS, and mp3 are plugged in).

-Bring 70 hours of MP3's including 90 minute George Carlin comedy sessions to keep you alert.

-a Kodak Zi8 or flip video camera.

-Leave the 1st-Aid gear at home, you will not assist in any roadside childbirths.
-Leave the octane booster shots home. There are very few 86 octane pumps left.

-and finally; stuff napkins in the door pouch. something always needs to be wiped.
Abort the mission... Charter a Private Jet instead...

How are you? I am considering buying a smart car and driving across country to LA and moving. Questions: did you make the drive? how was it? do you like your smart car? Is the smart car good for LA type driving? Thanks so much.

Have you left yet? Post your map so some of us can ride a little ways with you or bring you lunch, coffee, dinner....
Time it to make the KC and Dragon events!

It's great fun! I've driven Chicago to Arizona, and got lots of looks, smiles, and thumbs up. Make sure you take a full MP3 player of varied music. Check my home page for the blogs of my trip--if you come through Chicago, let our smart group know; if you go through Arizona, pick up some prickly pear vodka in Flagstaff, but be forewarned that it pops its seal as you descend to a lower altitude.

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