plan to drive cross country from new york to los angeles

does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

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Amen, Brother Ben!! Go for it!! I did it on a motorcycle and a Smart Car would be a lot nicer.
Get a cruise control, arm rest and tinted windows for a start. Oh yeah, and have fun. I have driven across the country many times, but not in my smart yet.
Junk food- Beef Jerky, Gummy bears, Snickers, Cigars, Coffee.
George is absolutely right, follow his advice and the trip will be great
Did Seattle to grand canyon last nov. in our smart, no problems.
Didn't take a spare, don't realy need one.
Watch out for right lane in places, some rutted up real bad, drove left lane most of the time.
Most of all,
I did Chicago to Phoenix & back a year ago--it was great! Great experience with downshifting for passing semis & climbing mountains in Colorado. (See more details on my blogs if you want.)

Are you going through Flagstaff? If so, make sure to pick up some cactus pear vodka--it's wonderful! But, remember that it was bottled at high altitude, and the seal will pop as you descend, so make sure you don't set it on its side.

Have fun! You will get lots of comments, questions, and smiles along the way.
Too cool.

Please have a blog/photo site where we can track your progress.

I would like photos of your Smart progressing from sea to sea.
I was tempted to do 48 state capitols in 48 days with my foreign exchange student from Spain, but thought it would be too costly (time away from work, hotels, etc.) Maybe if I had a sponsor, say Road and Track or Car and Driver magazine.

Anyway, my advice is get an large capacity ipod and load it full of good tunes. I have over 8,000 songs on mine!

Hope you have a great trip!
IF you run into trouble, use the roadside assistance number. it is on the sun visor of your car.

Add a cruise control. you'll be glad you did.
Go for it! I'd say skip the Interstare system where you can and see the US up close rather than at a blur @65 to 75mph. Fuel economy will, of course, be better at speeds below those one would have to do on open Interstate to avoid being run over too.
My wife and I did a 3,000 mile trip last year to drive from MD to Bloomfield, IL then to drive RT66 south and west as far as the s/w corner of MO before turning to head home by way of Asheville, NC. We spent two weeks in the fortwo enjoying mostly secondary HiWays (the US##s and county roads) to better enjoy seeing the countryside at relaxed pace. Every where we went the smart attracted much attention and we met many folks we would have never likely had a chance to enjoy.
A good GPS with current map files and a current road atlas;
Call your credit card company(s) beforehand to tell them you are doing a cross-country drive to aviod the auto-fraud-monitoring software possibly disabling your account;
XM radio or lots of CDs/MP3 files for entertainment;
A tire repair kit and compact aircompressor (yes I do know we have a flat kit on board too) plus a decent pressure guage;
A simple multi tool like a Leatherman;
Drink enough to stay hydrated and eat about half what you would usually to compensate for the reduced physical activity of extended driving and take time for a bit of a walk at gas stops to keep your metbolisim "perkulating";
Take photos/make images to share the experience and enjoy1
I did half of that in May. I drove from Naples, Fl. to Albany, NY. (just over 1500 mi.) in 3 days.
Cruise control needs to be manditory for a trip like that.
High winds will really add to your workload above 60 MPH.
Pace yourself and have a good sense of humor!

Christopher Erckert said:
I'd just know where your smart dealers will be along the way, just in case you run into problems.

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