Matt Boesch, owner of Genius smart Parts, had the crazy idea to install red led's in the armrest he made for me so it would match the rest of the led's he installed in ITIBITI...a great idea, by the way! If this isn't a one-off piece, I don't know what is!

Take a look at it here

Check out all the custom LED work he's done on ITIBITI at

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Nice Job... How many hours in that project...???
Let's just say Matt put it in the "never to be done again" category! He did right by me, though.
Matt does his company name justice... the led lights there could give of enough light to be a courtesy light for the ignition switch. great mod!
Hi guys,
I probably had about 7 extra hours into this armrest when it was all said and done. I have found out the hard way that when buying LED lights to make sure to get the ones that are pre-wired with a little resistor in line. I bet 3 hours went just into that part.
About the pictures you see of it under construction: I am the umm..."perfectionist type" I didn't like how there were so many wires under the pad of the armrest so I took it all back apart and wired them in series, much cleaner, even if you never see it, I wish I would have got a picture of the finished wiring.

I would probably do another one some day for a little extra $. I feel like I learned enough from this one that the next time wouldn't be so bad...I hope!

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