As some of you have read on the other site.. 541s. I was having serious problems with the rear view mirror. for the tall crowd.. me included at 6'3" the mirror is too low and blocks a substantial area of our line of sight. The mirror creates a blind spot in front of you that is really dangerous. SOOooo I started off with just taking the existing one off. Ooh what a difference... I could see! but that was a temporary fix and I started to get ideas in the old coconut and Wallah! my first prototype of the unobstructive rear view mirror!..
Let me know what you guys & gals think....

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At 6'1" I have the same issue. Is this the stock mirror? I was thinking of just turning the mirror bracket over but may not be possible. Junk yard is an option.
wallah is what I say... my wife states it more like... what a wally!
I'm 6'2" and don't seem to have a problem with the existing mirror.
'Course, my legs are only 2 feet long so I have the seat up all the way forward.....
Just kidding.... But really, no problems with the mirror.
I'm not 6' but the mirror is definitely in the way. What changes did you make? The anti-reflection feature is a problem when the ambient outside light level is not low enough.
Great Idea!!!!Congrats!!!!
I used a replacement mirror (glass) for the side mirrors. It has a slight bluish tint to it that makes it more anti glare I guess... anyway. The mirror was cut in half length wise and I epoxied a universal rear view mount to the back of it. it took all of 20 minutes to make and I loooove it. Until I find something better... as now I'm called Wall-e by some of you....GL..... the mirror will stay put. It has been up for 5 months, no problem, no vibration!... side mirror does vibrate!! but thats normal according to Smart service center!!!! yeah right!
I'm 6'3 and have exactly the same problem. I'd like to see something like this manufactured.
That's What i have been looking for. I have actually installed a convex mirror over top of my existing 'stock' mirror. Virtually eliminates blind spots behind you. BUT i need it to be up higher. I am willing to mount my scangauge just above the center dome light to get more visibility out the front window along with this . I am have tempted just to remove the stock mirror and hard mount the convex one. It won't be adjustable but there is about a 1' (I am 6'2" and she is 5'3") difference in height between my wife and me and with the convex mirror she does not have to adjust it.

- did you have much difficulty removing the original mirror?
The original mirror clips off leaving a metal "foot" attached to the glass. this foot can be removed by heating it with a paint peeler for about 3 seconds and twisting it off with a pair of pliers. its REALLY easy.. the trick is heating it so the glue softens.
I'd love one of these, at 6' I have the same exact problem. Definitely needs to be manufactured....
I'm 6'3", too, and the mirror is definitely a problem. Add to that the automatic wiper sensor, and 10% of the windshield is blocked right in the middle.

I would seriously purchase this as an aftermarket option if it came as a kit and was relatively easy to install.
Neco, Gary, I felt your pain and searched the web twice over... nothing! so I made it myself. Love it every time I look forward AND every time I look back....

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