My 451 passion cab has 1400 miles on it. The check engine light recently came on. I am 400 miles from dealer so I called for advice. I was told to finish the tank of gas (3/4 full at that time) refill with premium and check again. I filled it yesterday and the light is still on. Gas cap is tight. I ordered a scan guage II yesterday to try and get more info. I'm hoping the code will say it's the gas cap and I can just reset it, but if it says it's additional concerns I expect I'll have to trailer it to Denver. Does anyone know if Smart's roadside assistance covers a 400 mile trip for an engine code?

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A majority of US smarts have had the check engine light come on with error P0410 which is the Secondary Air Injection Valve. It is a Bosch part which has been failing and costs less than $40. Mine failed at 3000 miles.

It's an easy replacement and should not cause a problem if you don't do it for a while. The tow would be covered by the warranty, but they may be willing to send you the part and let you have it replaced locally.
Thanks Scott.
I hate those dman idot lights. Half the time it is nothing. 400 miles is a long trip for nothing.
I got my check engine light at about 1200 miles- I only live 15 mi from my dealer- they loaned me a C280 and replaced the smog stuff. Check your oil, coolant, etc.- If the basic stuff is OK you're most likely fine until you can get it in for service- Jim
OK, here's the update on my engine light. I ordered and recieved a scan guage II. Ran the codes, showed PO410, I canceled the code and all was well for a couple weeks. When the light came on again, I reran the codes and again a PO410 came up. I called the service center to see if they would send me the part because a 400 mile trip just didnt sit too well with me. The service center wanted the car, so I called road side assistance. Within a couple hours they had my Smart Piggyback on a carrier and headed to Smart of Lindon in Utah. The service manager at the Smart center had a mechanic on the car as soon as it hit the dealership to replace the bad sensor. They then loaded the car back on to the trailer and sent it home to me.

I was without my car for 1 1/2 days. I gotta tell you, the people at Smart really worked hard to take care of me. I'm not only satisfied, I'm impressed!
I just encountered the same problem at 4500 miles. Code P0410. I took it in to the dealership and they fixed it in just a matter of minutes. Aside from being a hour drive each way it was pretty painless!
1400 miles on it? Was it an orphan, used, or a new vehicle? I couldn't imagine that it was new. I would be upset if my new smart had more then 10 miles on it.
Same thing (SAIV failure) happened to me at about 1450 miles but since I live close by I took it in and they repaired it while I waited. I am impressed with what you went through (trailered the car for that distance!) and so far I have been well taken care of whenever I have gone in. At about 900 miles my stick shifter 'trigger' got stuck leaving me able to drive it in but not move it into park (or reverse for that matter). It seemed to be an easy fix and a small thing, the right lubricant somewhere. The only thing is that I would like to have known how to fix that shifter problem.

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