Hello Bob_Parr (Mr Incredible) here.

I am in the process of "personalizing" my smart car. Before I personalize my smart, I personalized an 1:18 scale model to make sure I like what I am doing. Now my dilemma between my nephew and myself is we have come up with two concepts for the smart.

Both concepts will have:
Red Hood, Red Fenders, Red Doors
Black Rear Fascia, Black Rear Tailgate
Tinted Windows all around including Windshield
Black Powdered Coated Wheels
Red Painted Brakes (Front & Rear)
Maybe an I-Logo on hood (haven't decided on this yet)

The difference between the two concepts is the graphics I will be placing on my smart. Please take a minute and let me know which concept you think looks good. Send me a PM or leave a comment. I will be counting PMs and comments until July 12, 2008.

I would like to get this little project done before the Woodward Dream Cruise in August '08.

Check out "My Photos" to see both concepts

Concept 1: Yellow stripe on doors, I-logo on black cell
Concept 2: I-logo only on doors


Bob_Parr (aka Mark)

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The logo in concept 2 looks too big, so between the two we'd vote for concept 1.
Concept 1 for a guy!
Concept 2 for a gal!
Bigger is better in this case. Go with concept 2
well concept 1 is more true to the movie uniform i like that one best with the umm i can not spell so ill say logo on the front
2 is good but maybe tilt the i a bit forward?
but ya i like the 1st one the best i saw te rest of the photos in the picture gallery
Do a grill insert of the "i" logo and use concept 1. its all in how you want others to perceive you, concept 2 is very cartoons and almost slogan car in a parade or maybe a banner for the movie sequel... concept 1 will let people know your Passion for the incredibles but without going overboard..... just my 2 cents

I am looking into to removing the smart chicken head badge on the hood. And replacing it with an I-logo (3-D) badge, something around 4" wide (max).

I thought this might look better than an I-logo color graphic on the hood. That you can see in "My Photos" section.

Thanks for your input.
I like concept 1

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