I recently bought a smart from a person in St. Louis, technically it was "used" but only had less than 200 miles on it. I then drove it home to Indiana. According to the owners manual, supposedly there is a card in the glove box that you send in if you buy the car used, that way the smart headquarters knows where the car is, who the new owner is, and how to reach you in case of a recall. The card was missing so I called the 800 number of smart HQ to see if they could register the car for me over the phone. They said they could not, that the dealer has to do that. So I went to my local smart dealer in Indianapolis and gave them the VIN, they said they could not access the car's records in the computer since they were not the dealer who sold the car. So I called the dealer in St. Louis, they had no idea how to register the car in my name and referred me back to the headquarters. So now I am stuck, if there is a recall or safety issue, I would never know about it because the smart company does not know I have the car.
Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?
Paul in Indiana

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I bought the car on Ebay June 10 from an individual. . The man who orginally bought it from smartcenter St. louis changed his mind and decided to sell it with 156 miles on it. I talked to Marissa twice, she then referred me to Jamie, I have left him voice messages but he will not call me back. The smart headquarters is telling me that only the dealer can change the information in the computer, but right in the owners manual it says to notify the HQ of any change in ownership, so either the HQ or the owners manual is wrong. Very confusing!!
I have heard similar problems. I guess there are advantages going through the 90 day waiting period instead of buying it used.
I think you could still be ok. Whenever you go into a Smart dealer, you can check for any recalls. This car isn't new...it's been in existance for 10 years so they should have the "bugs" worked out by now. Have a "Smart" day!

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