Is annoying, does anyone know how to correctly disable it?

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and to think i was wondering if it could be set to beep and flash at me...
I asked the Smart Service Manager the same question, he said it can not be disconnected. Obviously, if we can find the beeper it can be disconnected or at least filled with some kind of stuffing. Anybody know where it is located?
Anybody have a wiring diagram? Don't make me go looking for this thing :-)
Yours beeps? Mine make no sound at all...Flashes once to unlock and 3 times to lock! Am I missing something?
Maybe, do you have the Pure Coupe or Passion Cabriolet? I have the Cabriolet and it beeps once at unlock and twice when locking.
I think you are referring to two different things one being the auto locking when in the car and the other from the key fob right?
Yeah my key fob does not render a beep from the car when I lock the doors and that is really annoying, it's nice to have some sort of confirmation that the doors are locked so some tone would be nice.
I have a Passion...I have never heard mine beep! I know the key fob does not and I am pretty sure I don't hear the horn wen the doors lock/unlock while inside the vehicle.
I would like mine to beep. If anyone knows of a setting to make this happen, please reply.
Mine does not "beep" either. I'm just guessing here but I'm thinking that Smart's with factory alarm system beep and those without don't. My Smart does not have the factory installed alarm.
I also wish that it would beep to confirm that it's locked without having to be where you can see it.
Yes, mine has the factory alarm
I have a Passion and I love the beeps. It beeps three times and flashes when it locks, and once for each time it unlocks. If it doesn't beep, then I know a door isn't shut completely.

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