Is annoying, does anyone know how to correctly disable it?

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Yep...thats it....its all in the alarm!
I believe the beeping is the car Alarm. I ordered the alarm in my Passion, and it beeped loudly. But the alarm was worthless. It constantly went off for no reason, usually in the middle of the night. The dealer tried to fix the crappy thing twice, and failed completely. I finally took it to them and had them disable the Alarm completely. Now it doesn't beep when I lock.
Chris good call on the alarm. Makes sense.
It's my understanding this is a programmable feature in the smart cars "SAM" unit using the Mercedes Benz STAR tool.

Aaron Lephart
I wonder if there'd be any info on it here?
I use the tow away alarm disable button to deactivate the ultrasonic part of the alarm as I live next to a railroad truck and spurious radio transmissions seem to set it off. It nevver has alarmed falsely in the parking lot at work, so I activate it there.
The alarm speaker is what provides the chirps or beeps when locking and unlocking. It also sounds the air horn if the door is opened, too. I upgraded the fruit-fruit horn. Much better.

Factory alarms beep, I have 2 smart passions, one beeps and one doesn't. The one with the factory alarm does the beeping. If you disable the door alarm you'll probably disable the warning when you need it to go off.

You can tell if the doors are properly locked by watching the taillights and blinkers.  If they blink THREE times then that's confirmation the doors are properly closed and therefore they will lock.  If you do not see THREE blinks, either combination of one or two or three doors and/or hatch glass are not completely shut.

Same goes for any new MB vehicle.

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