Join this discussion to demonstrate our passion for yellow smarts, which are to be phased out in the 2009 model year. Fellow yellows, we must act to preserve our right to be seen in a bright yellow smart!!!!

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Appreciate your thoughts as a fellow yellow smart owner, but at the same time the phasing out may just contribute to making the world appreciate just how unique we really are.
Hi Al i ordered the yellow also i wont be a happy owner if i have to change my color my DD is May -July 2009 where did you get this info?would like to read for myself
YES!! Save the Bumble Bees!!! My husband and I have commented over and over how glad we are that we chose the yellow SMART! While all SMARTS stand out, the little yellow ones SCREAM, " I'm having a blast!!" While all of the colors are nice, they are the same as all other cars around. I would hate to see the yellow option disappear because I might just want a second one!
Oh Please do not stop the yellow!! Our dd is April and I am dying that I may not get my "GEESBEE" to go with my already ordered Oklahoma vanity plate.

"Say it ain't so Joe" I ordered my smart in yellow also. DD Mar-May '09. I ordered yellow for its DOT study tested high visibility!
Yes! Save the yellow. I want my bumble bee too! Tiny cars need to be seen. It s safer.
My DD is Feb-Apr 09 and I am praying I get my yellow bumblebee! Yellow is the BEST color for the smart it looks soooo cool and fun. Please keep the yellow!
The ability to get a yellow Smart was one of the deciding factors that drew us to this car. We love to stand out and getting the yellow smart just seemed right!
Hey Al, could you please provide a link to wherever this was previewed or announced? I had not read/heard this before. However, it might make my black & yellow '08 cab even MORE valuable, as a model rarity in later years, if true!? = D
Yellow should definitely be kept. At least a third of the comments we get - so far all have been highly favorable - have included a positive comment about the color of our smart. The high visibility yellow provides is a safety factor too.
I have never seen anything in writing about yellow going away, but my dealer reconfirmed this rumor the other day. He said that a factory rep had told them - no more yellow, no more orange/red. Replaced by dark, true red and platinum gray.

Very sad - I'd like to see bright green, pretty pink and an even oranger orange. How about aqua blue?

My yellow/black cab is confirmed with DDE of Oct- Dec 08 and my dealer says I will get yellow.

For those who are in favor of yellow going away after they get theirs, isn't that just a wee bit selfish?
"Reply by cathy J. 9 hours ago
Susan, did your dealer say WHEN they are going to do away with the Yellow? Yes, I suppose I am a bit selfish! I want my yellow Smart! lol My delivery window is Oct-Dec of "09. Did the dealer state why they are going to phase out the Yellow? I agree with the bright pink, or orange, or even a powder blue but platinum grey? Isn't that real close to the Silver they already offer?"

Hi cathy J -

No, my dealer didn't give me any dates for the change, which is really frustrating. If you are sure about buying the smart, you might go ahead an order the yellow panels now. If you have space to store them, that might work. Then you can swap if you don't get yellow on your car.

Cathy, you might call your dealer and see what's up. Have you configured yet?

Good Luck!


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