Join this discussion to demonstrate our passion for yellow smarts, which are to be phased out in the 2009 model year. Fellow yellows, we must act to preserve our right to be seen in a bright yellow smart!!!!

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To Cathy - I have read this on several discussion sites about smarts - I have not seen any official word from smart about this (or about much else, for that matter).

To Robert - well, I guess you are the exception to the rule that smart owners are a cooperative and helpful group of folks
Smart will continue to sell the yellow panels via their dealers. Anyone who wants a yellow car can simply buy the yellow car kit and make the switch over. It's not rocket science and some dealers might even do it before you pick up the new car.
Hi Robert

I see your point about wanting a unique smart and I like the idea of limited editions, too. guess I'm just enough of a polly-anna to want everybody to be happy. I know how much I want my yellow and if others feel the same, the should have what makes them happy.

Of course, if you really want unique, have it custom painted or custom wrapped.

Peace out -

Everyone comments on how much they love the color of my yellow Smart. I have no idea why they would discontinue this color. Please keep the yellow!
Yikes! My yellow Smart (silver tridion, beige interior) is scheduled for delivery between November 2008 and January 2009 - I hope I can still get the yellow!

Why are they phasing out the color? Here in North Florida, it's the most common of the (few) Smarts I've seen.

That said, they really ought to offer MORE unusual colors. Where's the orange (saw one in London, loved it)? The hot pink? Purple, teal, even a green?

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